Adam Tooze, Historian


  1. War and Inflation: The World Economy in the Grip of Polycrisis
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      • This session will begin with a keynote address by Adam Tooze, who holds the Shelby Cullom Davis chair of History at Columbia University and serves as Director of the European Institute.
      • In 2019, Foreign Policy Magazine named him one of the top Global Thinkers of the decade.
        The keynote address will be followed by a conversation with Suman Bery and Yamini Aiyar.
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      • War and Inflation: The World Economy in the Grip of Polycrisis
        Channel:- Centre for Policy Research
        Published On:- 2022-October-11th
        Date Added:- 2022-November-25th


War and Inflation: The World Economy in the Grip of Polycrisis

  1. Covid
    • 20% fall in global GDB in a matter of weeks
    • In the great depression, we got to 20% fall in a matter of months
  2. Financial Stabilization
    • Bond Market
    • Fantasy Thinking
      • It led to Fantasy Thinking, if we can do this there is nothing practically we can not do
      • The politics became what is the politics of this
  3. Energy subsidy
    • Germany allocated 5% of its GDP to energy stabilization
    • They followed Britain
    • Imagine if that a lower rated economy had thought out loud of doing the same
  4. John Maynard Keynes
    • Anything we can actually do, we can afford
    • Financial Constraints is an illusion
    • The reality of the economy is what actually matters
    • what you can organize, what you can politically do
    • We can finance it.  The point is can we organize and do it.
  5. Leftist argument
    • I made an argument against the leftish
    • It is not let this left bend that the left think it is
    • I made a contrarian argument
    • It simply was one where “everything has to change so that nothing has to change


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