Pray for Denise

Special Events

There is so much going on this time of year.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are shared markers.

Corporate Events such as Christmas Parties and End of Year celebrations.

And, there are individual events such as Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Naming Ceremonials.



My brother works for one of our areas biggest companies and they arranged for us to receive catered food.

It was sandwiches, salad, beverages, and the like.

After the family’s thanksgiving meal, mum said there is too much food left over.

Can you please take some of these food with you.

I thought to myself, that much food can only be best used by a homeless shelter.



On my way home gunned for the homeless shelter.

Thankfully, the employee in charge for the night was making her rounds walking the building grounds making sure all is well.

She introduced herself as Denise.

I explained to her the reason for my visit.

She asked whether the sandwiches were individually packaged.

I replied Yes.

She acquiescence to receiving it.

I happily took the food in.


Denise transparently shared with me she has been clean for 3 years.

Something in my Thanksgiving Story resonated with her.

She wanted for some of the disharmony in our communities and families to lessen.

The divisive voices to be less sniping.

She continued she has a great opportunity coming up.

She will like to be successful.

She asked whether I will join her in prayers.



We prayed together.

Praying for open doors.

Strength to say No.

Harvest for her seeds.

Recompense for Transparency.

Fumigation for the Locust.



Hopefully some of your journeys are ordained.

Hoping someone grew up poor and does not like to waste food.

If you have extra, think how you can partner with family and others to serve corporately.

What you have on your own may be too small to feed a center, but if you enjoin with like minded, it will go a little further.



In dedication to the Denises of the world.

Building back their lives with those within the struggle they are trying to leave behind.

God sees a plant trying to grow even yet where the soil has yet to be fully tilled.

The soul yet to be fully tested out in public, but internally and Confessionally has received salvation.

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