College Basketball – Women:- South Carolina ( Gamecocks ) Versus Maryland ( Terrapins ) – 2022-November-11th


South Carolina Gamecock’s Point Guard, Kierra Fletcher, brought the ball up from the backcourt.

Bri McDaniel, Maryland Terrapin’s point guard, tightened up her defense.

Kierra Fletcher thought she was played a bit too close.



Game – Tempers Flare

Women Hooping

  1. TEMPERS FLARE: #1 South Carolina & #17 Maryland SEPARATED, Refs Call Technicals & Intentional Foul
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Women Hooping
        Date Published:- 2022-November-11th
        Date Added:- 2022-November-18th

Post Game

South Carolina Gamecocks

  1. PostGame: (Maryland) Dawn Staley and Aliyah Boston News Conference 11/11/22
    • Profile
      • Head Coach Dawn Staley and Forward Aliyah Boston met with members of the media following Friday night’s 81-56 win over Maryland
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- South Carolina Gamecocks
        Date Published:- 2022-November-11th
        Date Added:- 2022-November-18th



South Carolina Gamecocks

  1. Coach
    • Dawn Staley ( Head Coach )
    • Lisa Boyer ( Assistant Head Coach )
  2. Players
    • Aliyah Boston
      • Position:- Forward ( 6′ 5”)
      • Origin:- Virgin Island
    • Kamilla Cardoso
      • Position:- Center ( 6′ 7”)
      • Origin:- Montes Claros, Brazil
    • Kierra Fletcher
      • Position:- Guard ( 5′ 9”)
      • Year:- Graduate Student
  3. Rooster

Maryland Terrapins

  1. Coach
    • Brenda Frese
  2.  Players
    • Bri McDaniel
      • Position:- Guard ( 5′ 10” )
      • Origin:- Chicago, Illinois
    • Gia Cook
      • Position:- Guard ( 5′ 9” )
      • Origin:- Clinton, Maryland
      • Year:- Freshman
    • Abby Meyers
      • Position:- Guard ( 6′ 0” )
      • Origin:- Clinton, Maryland
  3. Rooster


My Take

  1. Loving
    • If you are a young man and you catch yourself loving these ball players, you pretty much know how it is going to go
    • It is short fuse season
    • She bitching you
    • That don’t mean she don’t love you
    • It don’t mean she don’t need you to embrace, hold, cover and caress her
    • It is just young energy ( at this point )
    • So man up and be strong, gentle, and caring
    • She trying to see if you are strong enough to carry her through all her moods
    • Wind her through the sails of life
    • Don’t
      • Don’t over talk it
      • Don’t over indulge
      • Don’t stand over it too long
    • Let
      • Let it go quick
      • Let bygone, be bygone


Huge credits to the ESPN/2 cast that called this game.

They did a good job placing the extra curricular in perspective.



Dedicating this post to Abby Meyers.

She stood in there and caught most of the pushing from Gamecock’s Kierra Fletcher.

Post the Pushing, she pulled her girl aside and talked her through it.

It is backcourt thing for The Terrapins:-

  1. Kierra Fletcher
  2. Abby Meyers
  3. Gia Cook

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