Hebrews 7:7 – “Without all dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater”


There is no one I have learnt more from these last couple of years than my parents and Joshua Selman.


Having the opportunity to watch and observe a parent trek is foretelling.

It speaks to what await us.

Being able to watch them age and gracefully do so is one of life’s greatest blessing.

Make Believe Christians

There are gaps in listening to these make believe Christians.

What they are hawking:-

  1. Prophetic Ministries
    • Who will be next leader
  2. Deliverance Ministries
    • Casting out lust of the next man

One has to wonder is this going to let me see God better.

Is this going to bring God closer to me?


Apostle Joshua Selman

On the other hand, listening to Apostle Joshua Selman demonstrates the sincerity of Gospel.

The helpmate to me sensing the gap between how I am I living and where God needs me to be.

The gap between my preparation towards God’s presence and beholding.

The insufficiency of my tooling.


Treasury of Scripture

It was from Joshua Selman that I heard our subject header.

Hebrews 7:7


  1. NASB
    • But without any dispute the lesser is blessed by the greater.
  2. Amplified Bible
    • Yet it is beyond all dispute that the lesser person is always blessed by the greater one.
  3. Holman Christian Standard Bible
    • Without a doubt, the inferior is blessed by the superior.
  4. American Standard Version
    • But without any dispute the less is blessed of the better.
  5. Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    • But without dispute, he who is lesser is blessed by him who is greater than he.
  6. Douay-Rheims Bible
    • And without all contradiction, that which is less, is blessed by the better.



Beloved, please stay with people.

Honor People.

If you can honor people, you are half-way towards getting a passing grade per God’s ten commandments.

Pour into people.

Save Self for yourself, as well as those who truly care about you.

Keeping afresh those who will look up to you.

Or will desire to take from you or later give you credit.

Always taking in that God can yet make something out of what appears to be so very little when first received.


Lives On

When you take, please try to make sure that it lives on.

Beloved, please Pray for God’s covering and securing of whatever his people have gifted you.

Pray, Sing, and Meditate on people’s prayer on your soul.

Mindful of God’s renewing and love hidden in clay.

Live in such way that those who you took/stole/received from, can be whispered to by the spirit of the Living God:-

Hebrews 7:8 (b)

Yes, it lives on.



In dedication to Mum.

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