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Athletes Mental Health:- Kyrie Irving, Kanye West, Delonte West


It might take quite some time before the Kyrie Irving controversy completely dies down. Ever since the NBA star got caught up in the controversy around anti-semitism, several big names have come forth to give their take on the matter. While many have condemned Irving’s comments, there were some, including Kanye West, who spoke in support of the Brooklyn Nets star. It has been several weeks since the controversy first started. In a recent interview, billionaire Mavs owner Mark Cuban shared that being Jewish, he too had to deal with antisemitism. According to Cuban, if an ordinary person would have said the same things that West or Irving said, everyone probably would have dismissed it. He stated that being a celebrity restricted you from saying certain things that could be hurtful.


14:25 Mark Cuban on Kyrie Irving and business of basketball
16:27 Mark Cuban on Kanye West losing billions in 24 hours, antisemitism
19:05 Mark Cuban on mental health and Delonte West


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  1. Billionaire Mark Cuban candid interview on Kyrie Irving, Kanye, Elon Musk, Lil Wayne, Luka, NBA+More
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Video Segments

  1. 00:00 Mark Cuban shoutout
  2. 00:15 Mark Cuban intro and Arlan Hamilton and investing $5 million dollars in her
  3. 01:33 Mark Cuban on his gut feeling knowing if he should invest in someone
  4. 02:20 Mark Cuban on how a billionaire walks into the room
  5. 02:54 Mark Cuban on COVID affecting the Mavericks
  6. 04:33 Mark Cuban on using his billions to help his employees during the COVID pandemic
  7. 05:17 Mark Cuban on Yella Beezy and picking local artists to work with, being a DJ
  8. 06:15 Mark Cuban on sports and hip-hop, his relationship and beef with Lil’ Wayne
  9. 08:29 Mark Cuban on Lebron going to Miami and the Mavericks winning the 2011 NBA Finals
  10. 09:57 Mark Cuban on not bringing the team back after 2011 lockout
  11. 10:55 Mark Cuban on Kobe’s last season, Dirk Nowitski and texting Kobe
  12. 12:11 Mark Cuban on Dirk Nowitski retiring
  13. 12:24 Mark Cuban on Luca Dončić
  14. 14:25 Mark Cuban on Kyrie Irving and business of basketball
  15. 16:27 Mark Cuban on Kanye West losing billions in 24 hours, antisemitism
  16. 19:05 Mark Cuban on mental health and Delonte West
  17. 22:13 Mark Cuban on physically going to assist Delonte West
  18. 23:17 Mark Cuban on Soulja Boy and having too many businesses
  19. 25:10 Mark Cuban on his missed investments, Uber, Coinbase
  20. 26:08 Mark Cuban on working with Kevin Hart and anime
  21. 26:50 Mark Cuban on Walmart changing their hours
  22. 27:17 Mark Cuban on self-checkout
  23. 28:36 Mark Cuban on getting a business loan
  24. 32:41 Mark Cuban on grinding before becoming a billionaire
  25. 33:51 Mark Cuban on Rolex and spending money on a plane
  26. 34:50 Mark Cuban on his children flexing
  27. 35:34 Mark Cuban on Lamar Odom
  28. 36:15 Mark Cuban on the WNBA and basketball skills
  29. 37:57 Mark Cuban on meeting Michael Jordan
  30. 38:30 Mark Cuban on Elon Musk and Twitter
  31. 39:39 Mark Cuban on the lottery winner and not giving money
  32. 41:31 Mark Cuban on if money can buy happiness
  33. 42:00 Mark Cuban on what you should do if you win the lottery
  34. 42:40 Mark Cuban on finding an abandoned car
  35. 44:38 Mark Cuban on his favorite thing to do in Dallas
  36. 45:16 Mark Cuban on playing basketball against Mavericks players
  37. 46:51 Mark Cuban on being an author and Cost Plus Drugs
  38. 48:41 Mark Cuban close out

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