Gilles Tchianga, Wes Hall:- “Betting On a Person”


Life is full of tales.

Some worth listening to; limited worth cheering on.

He left his native East African Country, Cameroon, to go study abroad.

He studied Food Processing at the University of Milan in Milan, Italy.

Stay Abroad

Upon completing his studies he decided he could not go back home to Cameroon.

The reason being he was the sole bread winner for his family.

Him going back to Cameroon would not work on so many levels.


  1. Economics
    • He will not be able to make enough money
  2. Psychological
    • I cannot let my family see me struggle as they themselves are


Immigrant Friendly Country

Post his master’s degree he did odd jobs for two years in Italy.

He started trying to identify an immigration friendly country.

He chose Canada.

Upon arriving in Canada, he went back to school to study Education.

Upon graduating he has been teaching Science in public schools in Canada.

His company is patterned after Grace Kennedy in Jamaica.

As of his presentation ( 2022-November ), he has been in Canada for 12 years.


Linked In

Here is the LinkedIn Post





  1. Videos
    • Video #1
      Date Published:- 2022-November-11th
  2. Participants
    • Arlene



  1. Win
    • You are a person that will win.
    • And, you are the right type of person to win.
  2. Canada
    • Canada gives room to everyone to participate
    • I just want to contribute to that diversity



Always in dedication to my LinkedIn family.

This time Patie.

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