Google:- Chrome – Allow Pop-Up Windows


Almost a month ago, I rented a car for a two hours drive out of town.

Goodness everything went well.

Got where I was going.

Had a very good time with family and friends.

Got back home.


Toll Charge

A few weeks later received a bill for a toll charge that I did not pay on my journey.


Pay Toll Charge



  1. Access Popups
    • URL
      • Manually
        • Directly enter URL:- chrome://settings/content/popups
      • GUI
        • Settings Window
          • Please choose Settings
          • The Settings window appears
          • The URL is chrome://settings/
          • Please choose Privacy and Security
        • Privacy and Security Window
          • The “Privacy and Security” window appears
          • The URL is chrome://settings/privacy
          • Please choose the “Site Settings”
        • Site Settings Window
          • The “Site Settings” window appears
          • The URL is chrome://settings/content
          • There are two panels, permissions and contents
          • In the contents panel, please choose the “Popups and redirects” link
        • Popups Window ( Pre )
          • The “Popups Settings” window appears
          • The URL is chrome://settings/content/popups
          • In the “Allowed to send pop-ups and use redirects” panel
            • Please review the list of websites that are allowed to send popups
            • In case your targeted website is missing, please click the Add button to add the web site
        • “Add a site” Window
          • Please specify the site’s URL
          • Please click the “Add” button to effect your change
        • Popups Window ( Post )
          • The “Popups Settings” window re-appears
          • Revisit the list of Popups


Image – Menu – Settings

Image – Tab – Privacy and security

Image – Window – Pop-ups and Redirects – Pre


Image – Add a site


Image – Window – Pop-ups and Redirects – Post


Secondary Window

Upon adding the targeted website, returned to the payment window.

Now upon clicking the payment button, a new window appears.

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