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Boosie/Fat Joe

  1. Boosie tells Fat Joe the Real Reason Why Takeoff got Killed after Gunned Down to Death by his Haters
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        Channel:- Prophet Muscle
        Date Published:- 2022-November-8th
        Date Added:- 2022-November-8th


Video Transcripts

Boosie/Fat Joe

Boosie tells Fat Joe the Real Reason Why Takeoff got Killed after Gunned Down to Death by his Haters


me too I was just talking about the
Rival situation like yo you know we used
everybody protected the rappers the drug
human life and that [ __ ]
more bro
it went from celebrating the artist and
protecting the artists and loving our
brothers that looked like us when we go
from that to now social media
social media
first you only get you only can hate the
artist tap you only get judging by his
or if you saw cribs
talent it’s so many ways for you to hate
him now
hmm back then you only get judges by our
talent oh he can rap
you didn’t have a million you didn’t
have a million people telling lies you
didn’t have you didn’t have you couldn’t
hate on this [ __ ] look good you didn’t
see those things
it’s a million things for you to hate
you just loved his talent it’s me
it’s now it’s a million ways I hate
of the artist
it was all about Talent
you had to have to feel
you had to know how to rap you had to
have skills
now it’s the mockery
I get that we was judged on Talent
and now it’s like you judged on
everything and [ __ ] find a
reason to hate you what you
say anything how you look anything
who you quit anything somebody else
troubles can steal troubles up
it wasn’t like that
that’s a fact
that’s a fact and so now the youth they
all in that social media the way they
even jealous
they looking for and and they don’t
and it seems like every single month
somebody’s dying every month
a young
is dying out here in these streets
yeah you don’t even get time to grieve
no more bro that’s crazy bro
that’s crazy passed away bro
living his life living his life you know
that I was talking about you know the
king Goods we need to support each other
killing each other for no reason we need
to uplift each other like other
communities man we would be much more

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