Deion Sanders:- What did you do moments


I watched Deion Sanders interview on 60 Minutes.

In the interview, Deion was asked why he decided to opt out of retirement to go coach.

He said his calling was sprung from the George Floyd Passing.



60 Minutes

Deion Sanders: The 60 Minutes Interview


Video Transcripts

60 Minutes

Deion Sanders: The 60 Minutes Interview


five schools switch Sanders took the job
at Jackson State three months after
George Floyd’s murder timing he says
that was no coincidence it was relevant
a lot of folks sit back on the Twitter
fingers and talk about what they’re
going to do and
and I wanted to go do it do what
change lives
change the perspective of HBCU football
make everyone step up to the plate and
do what’s right by these kids Ashley
Robinson Jackson State’s athletic
director pursued rumors that Sanders
might be interested in coaching and
offered him a job what’s been the impact
here at Jackson State since he’s arrived
Coach Sanders was the biggest hire in
college football I’m talking about power
five level he’s the biggest hire in
college all of college football all the
college football it’s no there’s no
other Deion Sanders what’s Deion Sanders
worth the Jackson State
I don’t think I can put a number on I
don’t think it’s enough zeros I mean
he’s worth a whole lot


Beloved, this man fesses and said someone else passing got him to treasure life more than he was.

He reordered his life.

He reordered his children’s lives.

Others chose to Increase.

Increase the Hurt.

Others chose to justify the loss of life.

Add to their own voice.

What increased in you?

Yet, more importantly, what decreased in you?

How did you honor someone else’s losing their life.

Losing their Voice.

One day your voice will cease, as well.

There is no redress.


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