Robert Starbuck:- Tweet On Culture


One of my favorite rappers just released a new album.

But, I couldn’t listen.

To me it took unnecessary shots.

Parodying home girl getting shot and somebody’s husband being a groupie.










Hey, guys. In light of seeing that a rapper from Migos died, I just wanted to go ahead and make a video about something I have a unique experience in. I’ve learned a lot of things… I have left the industry, largely over my political beliefs, but there is something I want to impart to people, hopefully, make some sort of change happen. So, I have a challenge to rappers


Here’s the truth. The truth is this. A bunch of young, Black male rappers keep dying. You know who’s not dying? Record executives.
Some executives push for [rappers] to continue to make songs and create a culture that is obsessed with death, drugs and sex.
The ones calling the shots aren’t suffering because they aren’t pushing that behavior on their own people, but they’re encouraging you to push it on yours.


Another young rapper is dead. This time it’s Takeoff from Migos. Recently it was PnB Rock who I once directed. I used to direct people like Gucci Mane, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Lil Yachty, Akon, Machine Gun Kelly, etc. I have some hard truths and a challenge for all rappers


The industry is a toxic place filled with pawns who do the bidding of the elite to manipulate and transform society. The best thing I’ve done aside from getting married/being a dad was burning my career down to fight to stop the elite from destroying the country & people I love.


Now I challenge these rappers to fight the elite who’ve used them to kill their own community. It’s time for this to stop but it won’t until rappers change the culture. They have the ability, now they need the courage. I’m @‘ing every rapper I can so they see this.



  1. Megan de Almeida ( @MegandeAlmeida3 )
    • No one is responsible for their actions, words, friends, and associates but themselves. Do you see Jay Z, Beyoncé, Eminem, 50, Lauren Hill, anyone slumming it in the street still? No. Lifestyle is a choice. You are the company you keep.
  2. Clayton Helm ( @warpedrazorback )
    • This is exactly why I stopped managing rappers and walked away from a recording studio focused on rap. And you left out the label industry’s ties to private prison corporations.
  3. kimmitx #MAGA#USA#Americafirst#Resist# ( @kimmiintx )
    • I’m sorry but I don’t care. They reap what they sew!
      • @robbystarbuck
        • You should care because you share a country with the children and adults who are influenced by this culture which in turn influences the culture and direction of our entire country.
        • If you don’t see that then you’re not thinking about this very deeply.
  4. Johnathan Galt ( @JohnathanGalt69 )
    • Great message and I’m glad he’s awake now, but, does anyone else notice the gun painting on the wall as he conveys a message of peace and non-violence? “A” for intent, “D” for effect.
  5. Shane Connor ( @shanecon123 )
    • It sells it is what their consumers want. They can make all the recommended changes and should do so but equations have two sides, and until consumer tastes change, this is the situation that they find themselves in.
  6. Black Sheep 👁 ( @BlackSheepAwake )
    • Replying to @shanecon123 and @robbystarbuck
      • Consumers’ tastes are highly cultivated through marketing, promotion, and social engineering. This death music was purposely introduced and promoted like crack. Most people for better or worse are followers. It’s time for brave leaders in to step up and lead positively.
  7. Urban Paradise™ 🎒 #AntiWar ( @paradise_urban )
    • I’ve been saying this for 20+ years. The music industry flipped the script after Fugees. They finally started to pay artists but only promoted groups with negative messaging. They literally weaponed music. Good looking out Robbie. This needed to be said.
  8. Cedric Tillman ( @cedrictillman )
    • This was decent but left out a lot. We should expect nothing to change unless radical action is taken to make black environments look like white ones-short of that, we should expect the forces set in motion 400 years ago to continue to fill body bags at a disproportionate rate.
  9. John Molnar ( @Gear6A )
    • Can’t help but think of this track each time I see this thread pop back up on my TL
  10. PNWPatriot ( @Patriot23P )
    • Thank you for speaking out & starting such an encouraging authentic dialog.  They use every culture differently with the same end game, once we know what that is, it’s time to make a change within.  You can’t buy your way to Heaven
  11. Anthony Armbrister ( @AnthonyArmbris1 )
    • Brother you are right on point. We have to be the change we seek. Just as the Prison Industrial Complex support whole towns, our new slavery system is perpetuated amongst ourselves
  12. Jack Ellingsen ( @JackEllingsen )
    • Culture of excess is alluring. It is addictive and contagious. The reason it sells is that the short term extreme meets our desires for instant and intense gratification. Sadly it is just unsustainable in the long term and ruins the opportunity for genuine happiness
  13. Floaty ( @9Floaty )
    • What if culture is downstream from genetics and they don’t have the power to change it what should we do then?
  14. Peter Pilot🚁 ( @guardpilot )
    • Been saying this the 90’s when I watched MTV’s switch to rap turn our small town culture into one focused on drugs. Kids who weeks before were interested in horses and hunting were all of a sudden riding around town hanging pistols out of the windows. It was surreal.


Each post is not for everyone.

To the one who it is for, please rinse it, and give it some thought.

Don’t just bite on ..

  1. Anti
    • Anti-Government
    • Anti-Elite



  1. Revolt TV
    • Angel Saunders
      • Former video director Robert Starbuck calls on rappers to “change the culture”

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