Christianity:- Rethinking – Day 01


Many people are reexamining their relationship with the Christian Faith.


A friend of mine has been posting on Facebooks how he is rekindling his relationship with his forefathers religion.

I reached out to him concerning his posts.

He confirmed that he has been returning to his native religion.

I offered to hear him out.

He called me via Facebook.



  1. Christianity is offering insufficient answers to some of his questions
    • Questions
      • Who Created God
      • Forgiveness of Sins
      • Hell
  2. Faith of our forefathers
  3. Apostle Paul
    • Apostle Peter
      • Heated Disagreement with Apostle Peter
  4. Missionaries
    • Role of Missionaries



Insufficient Answers


Who Created God

Since a childhood encounter, he has always thought to himself, if God created everything, who created God himself.


Forgiveness of Sins

Christianity offers a pathway towards forgiveness of sins.

If all sins can be forgiving with just one last prayer, where is the Justice in that?

Where are the forbearances that stands in the way of not committing the sin in the first place.



The Old Testament refers to Sheol.

In OT, the final destination for all souls is Sheol.

Heaven and Hell is a New Testament addition.

Its basic purpose is to ensure social order.

It is a tool of the elite to pacify the governed.

Promise of receiving due justice in after life will placate the wronged.


Faith of Our Forefathers

It is likely that some of our forefathers lived good lives.

What about those just souls who never heard the Gospel


Apostle Paul

Apostle Peter

Heated Disagreement with Apostle Peter

Paul had heated disagreements with Apostle Peter.

It is likely that even at its embryonic state, Paul’s understanding, conclusion, and writing had its detractors.

What right does Apostle Paul have to hold away over Apostle Peters understanding.

Whereas, Apostle Peter was the one who knew Jesus himself.



Role of Missionaries

My friend admitted, Christians play an active role spreading the Gospel.

I asked how that spreading is done within his forefathers religion.



I have attempted to write out some of what we discussed.

Out of mutual love and respect, I will not offer any rebuttal.


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