Testimonial:- Can of Gas

Can of Gas

Yesterday afternoon I went to pick up lunch.

I chose to get a bit of exercise and use public transportation.

Picked up the food and took the bus as far as I could.

Got off the bus and 5 minutes into my walk, met a young man.

He said to me can you please help fill up this can of Gas.

I replied I don’t carry cash.

He said I understand it is 2022 and no one carries cash.


Let me see

He managed the No so well, and I knew I couldn’t stay with No.

I said let us go to the gas station together.

I turn around, and we ended up walking back to the bus stop.

The gas station being at the same intersection as the bus stop.



I know my face is strong and rugged

He said to me, I know my face is strong and rugged.

I can’t help it.

I gave the system 17 years.

It was hard for me growing up.

My mother couldn’t raise me and she turned me over to my grandmother.

My grandmother was not happy to have to raise all the grandchildren.

She ended up running a tight ship.

By the time I turned 13, I felt I could no longer yield to my grandmother’s belt.

I turned to the streets.

The streets became my home.

Only One to Finish High School

Somehow I managed to finish high school.

The first one among my siblings.


College Years

I ended up going to college on a wrestling scholarship.

Tried my best.

But, I could never make the finances work.

I ended up cutting corners.


Going Away

And, that is how I ended up going away for 17 years.


How did you get forgiveness?

I asked him how did you get forgiveness?

He responded I asked God for it.

I knew God forgave me.


Couldn’t act forgiven

Continuing he said “I couldn’t act forgiven“.

Prison is hard.

Especially when you are not affiliated.

You have to keep your guards up.

Your hands up.


Bargain with God

He said he bargained with God.

They made an agreement.

God said what he will do.

My friend made his pledge.


Gas Run

The Gas Run is part of my friend’s pledge.



Beloved, how could you say No?

When on the other hand, saying Yes, will help someone with their pledge.

God Liveth.

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