House of Saud:- BRICS



Reports has started coming out that Saudi Arabia is being courted to join the BRICS nations.


Member Nations

Founding Members

BRIC was founded in 2006.

The founding members are:-

  1. Brazil
  2. Russia
  3. India
  4. China

New Members

South Africa

In August of 2010, South Africa initiated the process of joining BRIC.

In December of 2010, China officially extended an invitation to South Africa.

The other BRIC nations accepted South Africa into the fold and renamed the organization from BRIC to BRICS.


Submitted Applications


In the Summer of 2022, Argentina initiated discussions with China, BRICS current chair.

China has indicated its support of Argentina’s membership application.

Russia, India, and Brazil are understood to be accepting of Argentina’s membership.



In June 2022, Iran officially submitted it’s membership application.


Expressed Interests

The following counties have expressed interests in joining BRICS:-

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Turkey
  3. Egypt


Saudi Arabia

President Cyril Ramposa ( South Africa )

“Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed the kingdom’s desire to join the BRICS,” the South African president said, adding that other countries are also interested in joining this organization.

“In 2023, the BRICS summit will be held under the South African presidency and this request will be studied. Several countries are in contact with the BRICS and we have assured them that the accession issue will be discussed and a decision will be made,” Ramposa explained.


By The Numbers

Here are some numbers:-

  1. Population
    • Total Population of 3.21 billion
    • 41.5 % of the World’s Population
  2. World Trade
    • 18% of the World Trade
  3. Gross Domestic Product ( GDP )
    • 24% of the World GDP
  4. Land Surface
    • 26.7% of The World’s Land Surface



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