Black Hair Day – 2022 – October





  1. abby *ೃ༄
    • abigail_faith_ would it be cultural appropriation if i did this? im half russian, half saudi arabian and my hair happens to be 3a somehow! i fight in mma and im tired of doing dutch braids or like rlly basic braids, i need something super tight that last, and doesn’t fall out!! i would love to do this hairstyle for fights, but i absolutely do not want to cultural appropriate 🙂 lmk! and i will take all the criticism ♡
  2. Ambrose
    • q_bishar I don’t think it is. It’s a protective hair style and it looks good. Besides, you’re doing it for functionality purposes


malaika Firth

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Angelically Black


Loving Gabriella

Forever 21 Model

Black Feminity


Of or belonging to the family of meat-eating mammals that includes the lions, tigers, leopards, and other cats. Noun. An animal belonging to this family.

Chanel Iman

Find my Queen

ecstasycoffee ( )




Dedicating to Malaika Firth


I only had one or two friends in sixth form anyway.

I was bullied a lot at school.

People were like – “she’s so shy, she’s so boring, I don’t want to talk to her“.

But – ha! – now look where I am.

I see people’s comments on Instagram, talking about how well I am doing. When I think about stuff like that I just think:

“Thank you, God”

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