Kanye West:- Circle of Influence – Day 01


Each of us has a circle of influence.

Let us look at Kanye West’s circle of influence.



Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner

Candace Owen’s Take

Candace Owens has dismissed Kim Kardashian as a hooker – and branded her mom Kris Jenner a pimp – after blasting their alleged plot to release Kardashian’s infamous sex tape.

Kim Kardashian’s Take

Apparently, Candace’s hateful words struck a chord with Kim.

“When she saw Candace’s post with a photo collaborating with Kanye, Kim lost it,” the insider said, adding that Kanye was well aware of Candace’s insult. “Kanye knows that Candace just got done calling the mother of his children a prostitute and the grandmother of his children a pimp to the world, so she is extremely bothered by the fact that he would do anything with her and she finds it very disrespectful to her and her family” .

My Quick Take


  1. Family
  2. Attributes


Kim Kardashian

Kanye West said about Amber Rose.  If Kim K. had said Yes, the world will not know Amber Rose.


So that means Kanye pursued, targeted, and waited on Kim K.


Dress Her

I did not realize Kanye West has such a taste for fashion.

But, he does.

If he is able to give advise and positively critique Kim K’s accessories.


Kris Jenner
Well being

Kris Jenner for her part has this to say:-

Tell him to please stop mentioning my name. I’m almost 67 years old and I don’t always feel great and this stresses me to no end.


Robert Kardashian
Dearly Departed

Kim’s Dad, Robert Kardashian, is gone.

He has been gone since September 30th, 2003.


Donda C. West
Dearly Beloved

Ye, your mother, Donda, is gone forever more.

She has been gone since November 10th , 2007.

She is not coming back.

Her passing anniversary is coming up in about three weeks or so.



Over the years I have heard Ye talk on aspects of his relationship with Kim.

  1. Passing
  2. Bonding
    • Bonding over loses
  3. Man of The House

Robert Kardashian passed in 2003 at the age of 59.

Robert passed from esophageal cancer.

His passing was swift; just two months after receiving his diagnosis.

Kim was 22 years old at the time.

Donda West passed in 2007.

Ye was 30 years old at the time.

Bonding over loses

Ye has said he supposes that he and Kim bonded over losing one of their parents at relatively young ages.


Man of The House

With some of the “freeing” that has occurred in the lives of the Kardashian & Jenner sisters, I have heard Kanye say he considers himself the man of the House.

Once you wear that crown, King, you can’t let it down easy.



That completes article 01.



Listening to Chris Morgan’s “Daily as I live“.


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