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Hey Centtwinz Fam, I’ve been through the most is a documentary series that profiles victims who have been through the most in their life’s and are now sharing it with the rest of the world to encourage and to hopefully inspire for the better. Produced by the CentTwinz Innocent Sadiki and Millicent Mashile.


Ps Makhado

  1. Shocking truth of how i got Secret Powers as a Fake Pastor| I’ve Been Through The Most| Ps Makhado
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      • This week on the show, we profile Apostle Makhado who confesses how he traveled the world to find secrete powers in order to grow the numbers of his church members.
      • Apostle Makhado
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          • @makhadoramabulana
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        Channel:- CENTTWINZ TV
        Date Published:- 2019-November-17th
        Date Added:- 2022-October-21st
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Ps Freddy

  1. Pastor got initiated to Satanism, then converted to Christianity.  I’ve been through the most. Ps Freddy
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        Channel:- CENTTWINZ TV
        Date Published:- 2022-September-28th
        Date Added:- 2022-October-21st
  2. Part2 How I Sold my Soul for Money| Swindled by Satan.  I’ve Been through the Most.  Ps Freddy tells all
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      • Hey Centtwinz Fam, he is back by popular Demand for an exclusive part 2 of his powerful story and testimony.
      • This week on the show, we profile: Ps Freddy
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        Channel:- CENTTWINZ TV
        Date Published:- 2022-October-7th
        Date Added:- 2022-October-21st



Ps Makhado

  1. Visit to Nigeria
    • Ifá
    • Gods
      • God of Thunder
      • God of Iron
        • Eat of Duck
      • Water Spirit
        • Sea Shells
  2. Back in South Africa
    • I made sure that I did not invite other pastors to come preach
    • I did want to contradict my messages
    • I did not want them to preach Christ
    • The people who came to Church did not need preaching
    • They just need miracles and prophecies
    • My Gospel was about prophecy and healing
    • When I say can I prophesize the whole place shouts
    • When you teach the word of God, they sleep
  3. Book of Acts, Young Slave Girl
    • The slave girl was using the python spirit
    • You can prophesize, but that does not mean you are from God
  4. Care where you give
    • Please be careful where you give
    • as you may be giving to a hidden God
    • When people give me money I will place the money under an altar
    • Those who are under an Occultic Spirit will always give and submit to a specific altar


Ps Freddy

  1. Training
    • Those years in the occult was my training
    • God was training me for my ministry
    • You can not fight an enemy you do not know
    • I had to know the works of the occult
    • I had to know the deeper works of people who need salvation
    • what devils are you taken out
  2. Deeper Meaning
    • I had to learn how to fast
    • I had to learn how to pray
    • If the devil only knew that he was training me on God’s behalf, he would not have allowed me to know the depth of occult secrets
  3. Soul
    • The soul you are selling is not yours to sell
    • Behold all souls are mine: as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, the same shall die. ( Ezekiel 18:14 )
    • So I do not know who is scamming who
    • The money the devil gives you is not real, because it disappears
    • The soul you are selling is not your, because it belongs to God
    • You went and sinned and sinned, yet Jesus came back and died for you
    • As for your soul, you do not know what it looks like, you cannot touch it, you can not feel it
    • So basically, you are just giving the devil control of your life
  4. Devil’s Desire
    • Now this is something you do not understand
    • The evil does not want your soul
    • He wants the pleasure of you going to Hell
    • The devil is getting back at God
      • As it hurts God to see you go to Hell
  5. Spiritual Laws
    • You serve the devil you go Hell, it is simple
    • You worship the devil you go Hell, it is simple
  6. Unforgivable Sin
    • Listen, I have gone that deep
    • The bible says that sin against God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirt is unforgiveable
  7. Books
    • Boola Ndoda
      Real me do cry ( John 11:35 )
      Life was unfair to me too
      But, I chose to write my own happy ending

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