Christianity:- Simplicity of The Gospel


I will like to post on the simplicity of the Gospel.



Yesterday I listened to a discussion between two Christian ministers.

It covers area such as:-

  1. Millennium Reign of Christ
    • Historic Premillennialism
    • Millennialism
    • Post-Millennial
  2. Rapture Timing
    • Preterism
    • Pre-Wrath
    • Pre-Tribulation
  3. Rapture Doctrine
    • Imminence
  4. Other Words
    • Millipede

Word of Encouragement

I will like to offer a word of encouragement to the ministers, those who listen to them, and others within the Christian community.


  1. Christ
  2. Hymn & Songs
  3. Life
  4. Love


Christ messages were simple.

He rarely placed stumbling blocks in his messages.

His message was simple.

Profound, Yes.

But, still simple.

He spoke to people’s heart.

Their conscience.


Hymn & Songs

One of very best friends in this world is a Muslim.

He loves God with all of him.

At one time I was playing a song and as I went to cut it off because of him, he said not to cut it off.

He said I love praise music.



The life you live is your most powerful tool.

If your preaching is, your life itself is less worthy.

If your understanding of the gospel is, you are feeding your ego.



Love God more than the other side.

Live for God more than your adversary.

Live a life less sinful than those who talk on you.

Live a life where you steal less than those who drag your name.

Live a life where your are less covetous than those who belittle you.

And, your love for God will show and shine more than theirs.

It is not of you, but God’s Glory sensing it gets to keep more of its purity.




Do not allow your hatred of other Christians be your most important linchpin.

Know he is wrong.

Understand he is wrong.

Yet, live a life where God’s simplicity and suppleness is what motives you.

Trust that God can use his love to draw people to him.

Especially in a world where others are trusting on their minds and intellect.

And, sometimes on their cunningness often at times unbeknown to them.

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