Software Development & City Boys


People code for different reasons.

Mine is to read the comments.



I spend a lot of time on YouTube just to read the comments.

Sometimes I may watch the video.

But, then it is just to get the context.

Once I have the context, I will run down and through the comments.


Last Night

Last night I googled on a “how to“.

And, found this gem.

Yes, Joey codes well.  But, he is not cheap“.

That had me floored.

The bro being referred to writes.

He is a software engineer.

He knows plenty of hardware.

He evaluates the latest hardware and says why you should go with one over the other.

Or wait till it shakes out.

He blogs ferociously.

He goes to all the trade shows.

Yet, after all he does and gives, someone here is peeling from him cause he is not cheap.


Family, ponder it a bit.

Cheap or Good.

What shall it be?

Shall I go back and look at the code?

Or shall I move on upon being told “Joey is not cheap”.



This here is just to draw and drag things out.

Hoping to get you to see that software engineers are not as dry as it may appear from the outside.

The merry is where they choose to hide their humor.

City Boy

It took a city boy to dew my day and get me to close out the laptop.

Joey is good, but not cheap.

So let us go this other way.



God keep the voices that I will miss.

Here let me enjoy them aplenty while you have them serving your purpose.

Feeding your sheep.

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