HTML, CSS, DIV, and Tab


Months ago I was looking through someone’s code and saw something that I knew could make my HTML a lot cleaner.



Original Code



<p style="padding-left: 40px;">Jack and Jill went up the hill</p>
<p style="padding-left: 40px;">To fetch a pail of water</p>
<p style="padding-left: 40px;">Jack fell down and broke his crown</p>
<p style="padding-left: 40px;">And Jill came tumbling after</p>

Revised Code



<div class='tab'>

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after



Quick Summary.

Using WordPress editor, when you use the tab key you will get HTML code with quite a bit of paragraph padded left.

Using the tab key numerous times, you will get the desired effect.

But, that desired effect creates a block of HTML code that is a bit more work to keep up with.

You are a bit better served if you plan ahead and use CSS.

Specifically, using the div tag and specifying tab as its class.

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