Google:- Chrome – Clear Search History


Use Google Chrome quite a bit.



Entered a URL into the search bar.

Unfortunately, rather than entering


Now when I try to go to google, goggle is being suggested.



  1. Access Google Chrome
  2. Access Browser Menu via the three vertical dots on the upper right corner
  3. From the menu, select History
  4. In the search bar, enter part of the URL you want sought
    • In our case, we entered goggle
  5. Search Results
    • Chrome will search for matching URLs
    • Review matched URLs
    • Selected items you will like removed
    • Remove the items by selecting the “Delete” button



Image – Search History

Image – Search History –

Search Results

Search Results – Selected

Search Results – Remove Selected Items


Search Results – Selected Items Removed



There you go.

That hopefully rids you of those pesky URL suggestions.

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