Connect With Twitter:- Authorize To Access Your Account


Googled on the right tags and ended up with a nicely written blog post.


Thought to leave a comment.

Nothing negative.

Just an applause.



Login To Comment

Asked to sign-in to leave comments.

Worried about it.

But, said to self, I really will like to leave a comment.


As I tried to login picked up that this site only supports Twitter authentication.


Here are the implications of granting this application/website access to my Twitter Account.




This application will be able to:

See Tweets from your timeline (including protected Tweets) as well as your Lists and collections.

See your Twitter profile information and account settings.

See accounts you follow, mute, and block.

Follow and unfollow accounts for you.

Update your profile and account settings.

Post and delete Tweets for you, and engage with Tweets posted by others (Like, un-Like, or reply to a Tweet, Retweet, etc.) for you.

Create, manage, and delete Lists and collections for you.

Mute, block, and report accounts for you.




I know Big Pun is old as grand pa, but fam it is still so hard.

Big Pun – It’s So Hard ft. Donell Jones



My ___ stay woke.

Too many people asking for too much.

Steadily stood in the way of you showing gratitude.

I am Born Again.

And, I am not into outright stealing.

Now, you made it, I can not show who I stood on.

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