Joshua Selman:- If there is no sacrifice on the altar


  1. What I Did When Millions Was Stolen From My Account | Apostle Joshua Selman | God Seeker TV
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        Channel:- God Seeker TV
        Date Published:- 2022-September-8th
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What I Did When Millions Was Stolen From My Account | Apostle Joshua Selman | God Seeker TV

  1. God Asked
    • You cannot imagine what God has demanded
    • And, I have said if it is you Lord “It is all Joy
  2. Transportation
    • Do you know for many years God will not allow me to buy a car
    • You know my story
      • I stood in front of the car salesman and negotiated
      • I was ready to close the deal
      • But, God asked me “What was I doing there?
      • I pulled back and walked way empty handed
  3. Bank Account Swindled
    • There was one time, we found out millions of Naira was swindled out of my Bank Account
    • I notified the Bank
    • The Bank called a meeting,  I attended
    • That morning, at the bank, it was like fire
    • Implored me to offer up the names of all my closest associates
      • All of the people who stay with you must sign an undertaken
      • The Police Station must be involved
      • The Bank Manager was there
      • And, so was my Account Manager
    • On a Sunday
      • It happened on a Sunday
      • All these guys who use Inter-Switch
    • Holy Spirit Spoke Up
      • Again, the Holy Spirit spoke up
      • The Holy Spirit asks me, is it my money or is it God’s money
      • The Spirit pressed, If I trust God, I should stand up and walk away
    • They started preparing to launch an investigation
      • I acquiescence to the Holy Spirit
      • I told them this is it
      • They refused and said No, No
      • I did not budge
      • I told them it is my money after all
    • Again, I walked away empty handed
  4. Love God
    • Don’t tell me you love God
    • When you say you love God, let me see the sacrifice on your altar
    • If there is nothing there, just keep quiet
    • You are talking absolute nonsense
  5. Break Out in Hymn
    • You provide the fire
    • I will provide the sacrifice
    • You provide the spirit
    • And, I will open up inside
    • Fill me up God
    • Fill me up God
  6. Bank
    • I remember leaving the Bank
    • With such joy and peace that I could not describe
    • Just Flooded Me
    • Having parted away with millions that will never come back
    • I was happy
  7. Port Harcourt, Nigeria
    • I took all I had at the time
    • When the Lord gave me as an assignment to take all I had
    • I did not have much
    • I had a rechargeable lantern
    • I zipped ( tied ) everything up and prayed in tongues for 3 hours nonstop
    • When I was done praying, I dragged it to Church
    • There was an overflow
    • And, so I sat down outside of the Church’s main auditorium
    • God decided to disgrace me
    • As others were dropping their seeds he asked me to wait
    • Now when everybody else was done
    • He said I can come with my offering
    • True Story
    • That is how I held my bag
    • Imagine someone approaching the altar with a bag
    • Isaac Versus Ishmael
      • All along you have been offering up Ishmael
      • That explains why it was so easy for you to give it
      • Now it is time to give up your Isaac
      • When you finally give up your Isaac, you will know it is Isaac you gave
    • When I dragged that bag and I laid it all the altar, something died in me
    • It now occurred to me what God told Abraham, you have done this for me
    • God gave me a sworn blessing
  8. Sworn Blessing
    • There are people who are operating under a sworn blessing
    • You do not know what is opening doors for them
    • It is beyond prayer requests
    • It is just not having faith and believing God
    • They have done something with God that has made God to vow a vow
    • God has opened doors that only he can close
    • Because of Sacrifice
    • Are we together, this is true
  9. Zaria, Nigeria
    • I made up my mind that all that will be required, I will be willing to do
    • While in Zaria, people gave me all types of suggestions
    • They encouraged
      • Go Abroad
      • There are many wonderful things
      • What is Zaria for God’s sake
  10. Abuja, Nigeria
    • When God asked me to move to Abuja
    • I struggled with God for 3 years
    • I stayed with God asking God is this you
    • Telling him, reminding him, I am comfortable where you have me
    • I labored for 3 years
  11. Covid
    • I was in the UK when Covid broke
    • Our plane was the last to leave London when we arrived a lock down was declared in the United Kingdom
    • They said if I did not leave there, I will be stuck for 3 months
    • What will I be doing for 3 months
    • It is not my place of assignment
    • What would I have done a stranger and alone for 3 months
    • Upon arriving back in Nigeria, a lot of my fellow travelers came down with Covid
    • They called us and said to report ourselves and be tested for Covid
    • By that time Covid had gone so far
    • I moved in the midst of people with Covid, there is no reason why I should not have it
    • Thankfully, I was spared
  12.  Lovers
    • These are realities that only happen to Lovers
    • There are things that if you do not love God, you will think people are lying
    • God will carry the prayer points of somebody and give it you as a love gift
    • The same way a man will buy an estate and offer that estate to his wife
    • You will ask the man, why?
    • Who is she that you are offering an estate on to her
  13. Purification
    • It is not hard to get money to build the church
    • It is not hard to get money to buy the land
    • Most of it, is a test of our love for money
    • By the time you allow him to purify you
    • Believe me there are many things you will not need to pray for when the lover arises in you
  14. God’s Jealousy
    • The bible says Jealousy is the rage of a man ( Proverbs 6:34 )
    • When you truly become that bride
    • There is nothing God will not do
    • God will open doors for you
    • It is my testimony and it is consistent with scripture
  15. Testimonial
    • The things that God is doing in my life today
    • It is not a reference of Human Competence, Manipulation, and Skills
    • For no man can do these things except God be with him
  16. Enugu, Nigeria
    • Enugu, my message to you this afternoon
    • Is that you return to God with Love and Passion
    • For some of you that is how you started
    • But, then then you started focusing on other things
      • You started focusing on Church
        • Church can become an idol
        • Ministry can become an idol
    • Anything can become an idol unless it is motivated by love
    • And, more than love, your desire must be to see Jesus

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