Microsoft:- Outlook – App & Services


Having my routine bout with insomnia took to seeing whether I can get by with doing something useful on the computer.



Power Automate


Tried automating tasks with Microsoft’s Power Automate.

Let me tell you about it.

Browser based development, at least, in this case, is still in its very infancy.

Email Notification


Received notification that a new app has access to my email account.


Image – New app(s) connected to your Microsoft account


Clean Up

I knew I had given Microsoft’s Power Automate took much permissions to my Outlook email account.

I tried to find out how to take it back using Power Automate, but I am still in the dark.



Apps & Services

Engaged Outlook’s Apps & Services via the URL.


  1. Please access Microsoft Outlook Apps and Services
  2. Instruction
    • Review list of apps and services that have access to your info
    • Choose one to view and edit the details
  3. Steps
    • Window – App Services
      • Chose “MSFT Power Platform” by clicking on edit button underneath that Service
    • Window – MSFT Power Platform
      • Choose to rescind the permissions by engaging the “Removing these permissions” option


Image – List of Apps and Services

Image – Changes


I think in IT one always has to keep an open mind.

Sometimes one finds a “diamond in the rough”.

Unfortunately, not so in this case.

Please make sure that you clean up.

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