Rachel Richardson


Rachel Richardson plays vasity Volleyball at Duke.


do ’TERRA Classic

As we begin a new college sports season, there are invitational events.

One of those is the  do ’TERRA Classic.

This year Duke played BYU at the Smith fieldhouse, Provo, Utah.



During the game, whenever Rachel Richardson served the ball she was taunted.

Unfortunately, it went beyond taunting she was told to watch her back after the game.

A police officer had to be called and posted by the Duke Team’s bench.




School Statement

“All of God’s children deserve love and respect,” the statement began. “BYU Athletics is completely committed to leading out in abandoning attitudes and actions of prejudice of any kind and rooting out racism. When a student-athlete or a fan comes to a BYU sporting event, we expect that they will be treated with love and respect and feel safe on our campus. It is for this reason BYU has banned a fan who was identified by Duke during last night’s volleyball match from all BYU athletic venues. Although this fan was sitting in BYU’s student section, this person is not a BYU student. “To say we are extremely disheartened in the actions of a small number of fans in last night’s volleyball match in the Smith Fieldhouse between BYU and Duke is not strong enough language. We will not tolerate behavior of this kind. Specifically, the use of a racial slur at any of our athletic events is absolutely unacceptable and BYU Athletics holds a zero-tolerance approach to this behavior. We wholeheartedly apologize to Duke University and especially its student-athletes competing last night for what they experienced. We want BYU athletic events to provide a safe environment for all, and there is no place for behaviors like this in our venues.”


Tom Holmoe, BYU Director of Athletics

BYU Director of Athletics Tom Holmoe was quoted in USA Today: “My concern is for Rachel and her well-being, and the school has investigated up to this point. The bottom line is that we are going to have to do more. And we are going to have to be vigilant and continue to say that this is not to be tolerated in any way.” Before the start of the BYU-Washington State match Saturday night, Holmoe addressed the Smith Fieldhouse crowd, calling the for better behavior.

“There were egregious and hurtful slurs directed at members of the Duke volleyball team. This morning I visited with the Duke athlete and their coach. If you would have met her, you would have loved her.

We fell way short. We have to have the courage to take a stand. We need to be able to take care of each other and more importantly our guests so that we can be disciples of Christ. I love the ROC and the fans that are incredibly supportive of our teams. Cheer as loud as you can but do not cross the line to hurt anyone in any way.”











Rachel Richardson.

You wear blue well.

Remember, any time you wear something well, someone will feel a bit slighted.

When you get alone and get with your God.

Get on your kneels.

And, say Father God; it is your Lil Rachel.

You are not done yet.

Resting on who you are, I am so not done yet.

Whatever is not of you, I yield to your pruning.

I am such a young girl.

And, not yet a woman.

Too unknowing of how this world can get a hold of any of us.

One day Satan will try to a get a hold of me.

Please, please, please step in and grab me strong.

And, Oh.

I must be delicate.

Not too knowing.

Not having all the know how.

Never forgetful of my call to graciously decrease.

Allowing more and more of your spirit.

Grow me through your indwelling.

Made by you.

Made in your image.

I am all you and yours.


Home Grown


You come from a big family.

Born and Bred by Gloria and Marvin Richardson.

Your have two brothers, Roy and Matthew.

Sistered by Monique, Ravyn, and Renna.

Volleyball runs pretty deep in the Richardson family.

Reena played Volleyball at Charlotte, North Carolina.

And, Ravyn played at Hampton, Virginia.


Social Media


Spencer Cox ( State of Utah )



At the same time, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox issued a statement on Twitter denouncing the fan who used the racial slur and the way the situation was handled. “I’m disgusted that this behavior is happening and deeply saddened if others didn’t step up to stop it,” Cox said.


Tom Holmoe, BYU Athletic Director


  1. BYU Women’s Volleyball
    • BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe addresses fans in attendance before tonight’s game.



One really has to be deeply touched and appreciative of the strong voices of a few people in this story.


  1. State of Utah
    • Spencer Cox ( Governor of the State of Utah )
  2. BYU
    • Tom Holmoe ( Athletics director )


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