Facebook:- Messenger – Message Attachment


This morning received a message on Facebook.



Message Contents

The message itself contained a single attached document.





Follow Up


  1. Facebook
    • Conversation Thread
  2. Social Network
    • Conversation Thread
  3. Phone Conversation
    • Conversation Thread


Conversation Thread

Rather to downloading the attachment, I attempted to engage my friend further via Facebook Messenger.


Social Network

Conversation Thread

Reached out to my friend via other social networks that we are connected.


Phone Conversation

Conversation Thread

Reached out to a family member who is a bit closer to our mutual friend.

Engaged the family in much longer and thankfully productive conversation.




Please do not simply download attachments relayed via email and social media.

Prior to doing so establish intent.

To establish intent reach out to the sender via Facebook, other social media, email, and through phone.

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