Comodo Antivirus on Linux – Installation ( CentOS )


At a certain point in my life, I dealt a bit with helping friends remove viruses from their computers.


Lab Environment

I have a couple of Linux boxes in our lab environment.

Every few weeks I tinker with them a bit.

I am running Clavam as my baseline desktop AV tool.



Let us see how easy it is to install Comodo AV on a CentOS System.



  1. Artifacts
    • Identify Source
    • Identify Artifact
    • Download Artifact
    • Install Artifact


Identify Source

Comodo AV is available @ ( Link )

Identify Artifact

The specific artifact one will need is based on targeted OS.



  1. OS
    • Ubuntu
    • Debian
    • Mint
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux Server
    • Fedora
    • CentOS
    • SUSS Linux Enterprise Server
    • OpenSUSE

Download Artifact

My OS is CentOS.


Install Artifact


sudo rpm -i [binary]


sudo rpm -i cav-linux_x64.rpm



>sudo rpm -i cav-linux_x64.rpm
[sudo] password for dadeniji:
The cmdagent started successfully!
The cmgdaemon started successfully!

Installation succeed, but it must be properly configured before using.
Please run /opt/COMODO/ script manually to configure it.





Installation of Comodo AV on our CentOS Linux box went well.

Unfortunately, configuration not so well.

Will address in a subsequent post.

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