Dejounte Murray, Paolo Banchero



  1. Dejounte Murray calls Paolo Banchero a “little boy” and “soft” 😳 FULL BEEF
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        Channel:- Chaz
        Date Published:- 2022-August-7th
        Date Added:- 2022-August-15th

A.M. Hoops

  1. Here’s Why the Spurs Traded Dejounte Murray
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      • Dejounte Murray was traded to the Hawks for the rights to 4 first round picks.
      • Spurs fans were upset at giving up a 25 year old All-Star but this explains why San Antonio actually won the trade.
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        Channel:- A.M. Hoops
        Date Published:- 2022-June-30th
        Date Added:- 2022-August-15th
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        • Jamal Crawford
        • Trae Young
      • Team
        • San Antonio Spurs
        • Atlanta Hawks
  2. The REAL REASON Dejounte Murray HATES Paolo Banchero
    • Profile
      • Dejounte Murray went viral after he embarrassed number 1 pick Paolo Banchero at a home summer tournament in Seattle.
      • People are asking why the NBA vet hates the rookie and there are a lot of theories.
      • This is a look at the actual reason Murray has beef with Banchero.
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      • Video #1
        Channel:- A.M. Hoops
        Date Published:- 2022-August-11th
        Date Added:- 2022-August-15th
    • Transcript
      • 0:00 – Recapping the situation
        1:32 – What made Dejounte mad?
        3:55 – The real reason there’s beef
        4:32 – The Hawks Dejounte Murray Problem
        6:30 – Is having an attitude actually good?
        7:39 – Up next


Paolo Banchero



‘Lol unfollowed me on the gram n everything it must be personal huh? That’s fine jus make sure y guard up next time n stop sending doubles family.


Jamal Crawford



He’s the guy my son is looking up to and the young generations are looking up to.
They ‘ll be like “That ‘s Paolo! I remember when he was a freshman in high school.’
To see him.  Be the No. 1 overall pick, and do it from the same streets that we walk and the same gyms we shoot on,
is inspiring for that the younger generation

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