Humility:- The Other Daniel


I had a zoom meeting this afternoon.

The meeting is scheduled weekly.

And, it is held between myself and another person that some have taken to call the other Daniel.


Conference Room

So here we go with the meeting.

The conference room is way too big for a meeting of three participants.

But, Daniel got in the conference room.

He did not not feel too small for the big conference room.



With the kind of week that I have been having, I said “Daniel, how do you stay so humble?

He said to me “It comes easy to me“.

Continuing, “People who are not humble make things hard“.

As a gift he said it does not start with humility.

He said:-

It starts with trust.

Trust is important as a social tool.

Does one have an image to uphold?

Knowing how much time it takes to build trust, do you really want to trade it that easily.

Counter Choices:-

He said people you work with need to know, you will not throw them under the bus.

Otherwise it is difficult to maintain a cordial working relationship.



It does not take a lot for the other world to sow into your life.

Ask me how I know?


Beloved, my prayer for you is that your relationship with God allows him to be when you need him the most.

Foremost and each day, wake up, walk with, and lay down with God.

Prayerfully, he eases those than can help you in your life.

You will have valleys in life.

But, with the right people, God will safeguard you.

You will know and realize that God is the one doing so.

You will be surprised at his chosen vessels.

How unassuming they are.

How you could not find use for them elsewhere.

God knows how to clothe his people in ways that will not stand out; outside of their use to him.

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