LinkedIn – Request for Help – KL


I am working on an important project.

A new and novel one for me.


Request for Help



There was a warning that I was receiving in my application.

It was not a big issue.

But, I did not want to ship with it.





Daniel:- I don’t know I am okay with any database ( db ) or data-warehouse ( DW ) that runs in Linux or the cloud.

But, as for me, I have no chemistry on MS Windows or Microsoft stuff;  even when I was younger.


KL:-  It was a very a little issue.  It is better to focus on Linux and the cloud as there is a lot more money in it.

You made a far better choice. Thanks Dear.



Moral of the story

  1. Trustworthiness
    • Have trustworthy friends
  2. Subject Matter Experts ( SME )
    • Have friends that can actually help you
  3. Flat World
    • The world is flat
    • These people stay up day and night
    • Likely dealing with their own problems
    • Once they have made headway with their problems they will hear you out
  4. Discernment
    • Ask for help
    • If you find that upon asking for help, the ask means things going down hill, keep in mind
    • If it occurs everything you ask, think it through
    • You might have stepped on the person in the past and they do not know how to tell you



Here I ran into little warnings.

It would take a piece of additional code to placate it.

I was hopping that there are other workarounds.

Reached out to at least three Subject Matter Experts ( SMEs) on the Internet.

One of them, the one who is the most successful and highest wage earner, replied me.

She talked it over with me.

From her disposition, I accepted that the problem is a lot simpler than I am making it.

If the problem is simple, then the remediation is likely simple, as well.

I went down the path of the remediation, and 10 minutes later, I was good.



KL, love you, sis.

In a world where there are toils to pay when asking for help, you lift the cloud.

May God remember your kindness and find worthy people for you in your asks, as well.



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