Monkeypox:- First Person Experience




Will Hutchenson

NBC News

  1. New York Man Details Experience With Monkeypox
    • Profile
      • After contracting monkeypox, Will Hutcheson, a Brooklyn-based fitness coach, speaks to NBC News Now about his experience with the virus and how he has  been dealing with the flu-like symptoms, which include painful lesions on the body.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- NBC News
        Date Published:- 2022-July-26th
        Date Added:- 2022-July-29th

Gerald Febles

NBC New York

  1. Is Monkeypox WORSE Than COVID-19? One New Yorker Shares His Experience | The Debrief
    • Profile
      • New York City has quickly become the epicenter of the monkeypox outbreak in the U.S. and communities most affected are scrambling to get their hands on a limited supply of the vaccine.
      • In this week’s episode of The Debrief, News 4 reporter Erica Byfield talked to a New York City resident about his experience contracting monkeypox.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- NBC New York
        Date Published:- 2022-July-8th
        Date Added:- 2022-August-9th

News Organizations


The Mehdi Hasan Show

  1. How Worried Should You Be About Monkeypox? | The Mehdi Hasan Show
    • Profile
      • The World Health Organization has declared monkeypox a global health emergency, saying the announcement aims to increase awareness and bring in new public health measures.
      • But what if it’s too little, too late? Dr. Anne Rimoin and Dr. Steven Thrasher join Mehdi to discuss how concerned we should be about the virus and how the U.S. is working to combat it.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- NBC News
        Date Published:- 2022-July-28th
        Date Added:- 2022-July-29th

Medical Professional

Roger Seheult, MD of MedCram

MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

  1. Monkeypox Explained Clearly
    • Profile
      • Roger Seheult, MD of MedCram explains what monkeypox is and the current treatments.
      • (This video was recorded on May 23, 2022)
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY
        Date Published:- 2022-May-23rd
        Date Added:- 2022-July-29th




Antiviral Medications

  1. Tecovirimat
  2. Brincidofovir
    • Brand Name:-  Tembexa
  3. Cidofovir


  1. Dryvax
    • No longer approved
  2. ACAM2000

Post Exposure Prophylaxis

  1. Bavarian Nordic
    • Vaccinia immune globulin


Referenced Work

  1. Anne Rimoin


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