Database Clients:- Quick Evaluation – BeeKeeper


With my usual go to tools, unfortunately, I am unable to successfully connect to a new database.

Evaluate Database Clients

It is time to try to use other database tools.


Googled on free database tools and thankfully was able to capture reasonable lists.

Here are some of them:-

  1. Dr. Hamza Mousa
      • Top 17 Free, open-source SQL clients for productive database management




BeeKeeper is available at

Supported Database Platforms

BeeKeeper supports the following Database Platforms:-

  1. PostgreSQL
  2. MySQL
  3. SQLite
  4. Redshift
  5. SQL Server
  6. Cockroach DB
  7. MariaDB
  8. Oracle ( Only in BeeKeeper Ultimate Edition Only )



SQL Server
  1. Connectivity
    • Profile
      • Supports
        • Hostname
        • Port Number
        • SSL
        • Trust Certificate
          • override if server certificate has expired or name mismatch
        • SSH Tunneling
          • Useful when database server is behind a firewall and network access is restricted to specific Network ACLS
    • ¬†Authentication
      • Does not support OS Authentication ( Integrated Security in MS SQL Server Parlance )
      • One has to create and provide Native SQL Server Credentials
  2. Query
    • Tried a couple of queries

Image – SQL Server – Connection – Trust Server Certificate – Off

Image – SQL Server – Connection – Trust Server Certificate – On



Image – SQL Server – Query – 01



SQL Server
Self Signed Certificate

It appears that BeeKeeper trips up a bit on SQL Server’s Self signed certificates.

Please be sure to enable “SQL Server Options – Trust Server Certificate” to guard against:-

Failed to connect to <server-name>:<port number> – self signed certificate. You might need to check ‘Trust Server Certificate”.

Trust Server Certificate – Off



Trust Server Certificate – On



Out of my personal frustrations with my favorite database client, I googled and went looking for alternates.

I wanted to do a single post listing out all of my grievances against each tool.

But, just this one post, took out all my energy.

Decently, as temperance will have it, I only spoke ill of a single tool.

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