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          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
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  1. Drug Dealer interview-K Money
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      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of K Money, a drug dealer on Chicago’s West Side.
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        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Published On:- 2022-July-21st
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Drug Dealer interview-K Money

  1. Dad
    • Dad gave the system 6 to 7 years
    • By the time he came out, I did not really know him like that
    • Mum did not really want me to get close to him
    • I knew him, but did not really know him



  1. KFC 89!
    • West side is rough for sure. Great interview as always. One thing I noticed through this whole interview was intelligence and also I see pure sadness in the eyes. I have respect for her for her honesty. 2019 graduate…such a baby still.
    • I also started college right after high school as a teen mom and just dropped right out and stopped going due to depression. Sucks. I still regret to this day. I am 33 now.
  2. Maple Cookies
    • She’s right about the streets always being there but , you can’t beat the streets.
      Wishing Her the Best.
  3. Baubles and Dolls
    • Mark, you have more patience than anyone on this planet. Kind, non-judgmental, and politically correct all the time. You’re a special breed. Thanks for bringing these interviews to us. After all, what else would we do, go hiking or walk along the beach? Lol
  4. Mama Cass
    • I live in the UK, England and I love watching your video’s Mark. K Money is an intelligent, articulate, beautiful person and I wish KM all the best. Your video’s show a completely different side of the US, one of abuse, lack of opportunity and poverty-the stories are staggering….what a great service you are doing for mankind by giving people a voice. Much love from over the pond.
  5. Anna H
    • It’s so sad to hear her express that she will not allow herself to be too happy, because she knows pain will soon come. I pray she finds a way out of her struggle and finds peace and joy. She’s more than capable.
  6. Deanna Bardney
    • Yessss, I love your interview. I am from Chicago too and its most definitely eat or get eaten. I almost cried when you said you can have a full ride, and it still will be cracks or turns, the parts about the relationships, deaths, and etc. Even how you were still respectful of your mom and spoke highly on her hard work ethic. I have watched a lot of these episodes but I couldn’t help but to comment because you from Chicago…You are beautiful, smart, and very well articulate. YOY GOT THIS!!!! PUSHHH THROUGH BABEEE…PERIOD!!!!!
  7. Katelyn Brown
    • k – money, you deserve all of the happiness, love, safety, and belonging. I get a lot of what you’re saying about your roots– a lot of people don’t understand that when you’re from a place that holds no pretense or facade, there are no rules to surviving. idk what your pronouns are but black girls are never allowed to be anyone other than who people prescribe us to be. in our own houses and communities, and in outside spaces. we don’t get a lot of support in our emotional or intrinsic journeys, a lot of times we have parents that are working so hard to provide that we lose time with parents and receiving the nourishment and emotional care we need to thrive. I’m sending all of the love, ease, peace, safety, blessings, and joy to you, k. just like you have come to expect the rain, you can also come to expect full blooms. much love. xoxoxoxoxo.
  8. Nicole Stargell
    • Young lady, I hope you read these posts and ignore most of them. It was heartbreaking to read them. I’ve been watching for years, and for some reason her story must not have been depressing enough, or juicy enough. The comments are full of using her wrong pronoun to identify her gender. Why? She deserves our compassion as well. She needs guidance. This young person could make a different. Fist things first. She needs a therapist. Mental health is like any other care. She may have ptsd, from her environment. Depression also seems to be happening with her. She needs someone to hear her. God bless and hold this young person until she can get the help that she deserves 🙏🏾
  9. Brittany Hunter
    • My ears are wide open: she said that she remembers the disappointments when her parents forgot to acknowledge her, and also that she was accomplished and successful in school, but lost the support.

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