Movie:- Maid Servant ( NollyWood )


My adopted sister, TJ, has been watching a lot of international movies lately.

She watches Korean, Nigerian ( Nollywood ), etc.

Last weekend she called me and she said “If I let you listen to a song playing will you be able pickup on who the artist is?“.

I replied No.

And, urged her to please Shazam it.

She said she will try to.

I have yet to hear back from her.



Incidentally, I do not think her viewing habits has waned.

Now, I am having Nollywood movies pop up for me, as well.




Abo ( Backfire )

  1. Abo
    • Videos
      • ABO(Backfire) Latest Yoruba Nollywood Movie Fathia Balogun Kunle Aford Fausat Balogun Movie
        Channel:- OGTV
        Published On:- 2022-May-14th
        Added On:- 2022-July-10th
        Demoted On:- 2022-December-1st
        Demotion Reason:- This video isn’t available anymore

Video Transcripts

Abo ( Backfire )

Prayers – Motherhood

  1. Courier
    • I will do my job
    • I will my job well
    • It is the children that you need to talk to
    • They should take their job seriously and be hardworking
  2. Daughter 1
    • Mummy, I will take heed to each of your admonitions
    • I myself do not want to be slaves to my mates
    • I pray to God that I will return home been successful
  3. Mother 2
    • Daughter 1
      • It is a must that you come back successfully
      • It is in you coming back home successfully that will bring us happiness
      • By God’s grace, you will each return as successful beings
      • May God take the lead and and lead you
    • Daughter 2
      • My husband, please listen well
      • Wherever they draw your boundaries please do not go beyond it
      • Please remember how you are leaving your home
      • God will take care of you
      • And, see to your wellbeing
    • Courier
      • It is your job that remains
        • In what areas?
      • You have to check on them occasionally
      • Setting them straight
      • Showing them right from wrong
  4. Courier ( II )
    • Yes, that is my job
    • Please do not worry
    • That is my very own assignment
    • And, I will do it well
  5. Mother 3
    • To Daughter
      • Know thyself,  my daughter
      • Remember whom you are
      • Remember how you are leaving your home
    • Daughter replies
      • It is you, mother, who always says a simple word is enough for the wise
      • You will not be shamed


Spirit Word Gathering

Spirit Head

What happened? I noticed you have not been happy since we have been discussing here.

I hope you are not unhappy.

Young Lady

Leaders, the humans are trying to take my happiness away from me.

They are trying to rip off my happiness.

They want to take me away from my parents.

They want me to go work somewhere else.

I don’t want to go…

Because no one can take care of a child like his/her parents.

Good & Bad

These days we all have reasons for the not so good showing up in our inboxes.

Occasionally, we need a firm dose of the ills of a wrong to still us.

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