WordPress:- Security Awareness


Family, you like to write and you think to self, I enjoy writing and I will like to blog.

You have more to say than just loitering around Facebook.


So here you go, you set up a free WordPress site.

And, you post one or two things.

You are happy, you drew traffic.



Wild, Wild, West

If no one else told you.

Let me break your heart a beat, it is the “Wild, Wild, West“.

So don’t sleep hard.



  1. Know
    • Know your website
    • Know your extensions
    • Know what you share
  2. Subscribers
    • Know your subscribers
    • Lock Down Your Comments
  4. Ping Backs
    • Review your pingbacks
  5. Stay Above Grounds
    • Be Balanced, Be Courteous


Know your Web Site

Beloved, please know your website a bit.

Know the version you are running.

Know your hosting provider.


Know your plugins/extensions

Please be very careful regarding which plugins/extensions you install.


Know What You Share

Know what you share.

If you share technical stuff, please obfuscate server names, usernames, IP Address.

If you are sharing financial data, please remove the account numbers, social security numbers, Date of Birth ( DOB), mother maiden name.

If you are sharing personal data, ask if you really have to share your government name, your wife’s name, your kids name, Date of Birth ( DOB ).



Know your subscribers

Please know your subscribers.



Lock Down Your Comments

Please review comments people leave before letting the world see them.


Ping Backs

Review Your Pingbacks

Please review your pingbacks.

Love your users.

Anyone can link to your posts.

But, you do not need to have those feeds show up on your page.


Stay Above Grounds

Be Balanced, Be Courteous

Please stay balanced in your coverage.

Be courtesy.

Do not step on people.

Don’t add to things.

Say it as it is.

There is no real need to place yourself in the middle of things.



Beloved, please take some precaution.

Actively pursue God and Holiness.

See and Seek Good.

Run Far From Evil.

Pray to your God to cleanse and bath you from dishonesty, gossip and evil.

Write a bit.

Write More.

But, most importantly work on self.

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