Cellphone:- App – Scam Shield – Installation


I have been getting too many robocalls and robotexts.


There are a few tools that can help arrest these intrusions.

Let us speak on some of them:-

  1. Government Agencies ( Federal Trade Commission –  FTC )
    • Do not call list
  2. Smart Phone Apps
    • Telecommunication & Wireless Network Provider App
      • AT & T
        • AT&T Call Protect
      • Verizon
        • Verizon Call Filter
      • T-Mobile
        • T-Mobile Scam Shield
        • Metro PCS Scam Shield
    • Third Party App
      • Hiya
      • RoboKiller
      • Truecaller
      • Call Control

Smart Phone App

Telecommunication & Wireless Network Provider App


AT&T Call Protect


I have installed and used “AT&T Call Protect”.

Unfortunately, I did not pay enough attention.

And, did not prepare an assessment.



Metro PCS Scam Shield


Metro PCS Scam Shield is still available to download.

I in fact downloaded it.

I tried to use it, but was unable to.

The reason is likely due to the fact that Metro PCS has been brought by T-Mobile.


T-Mobile Scam Shield


T-Mobile Scam Shield is available from the Apple iPhone App Store.

It is free and it has no extra features that you will have to pay for.


  1. Caller ID
    • Caller ID – Show who is calling even if not in your contacts.
  2. Simple Call Reporting
    • Report harmful calls that we didn’t catch or safe calls we accidently tagged as “scam likely”
    • Helps strengthens the community
  3. Whitelist phone number
    • Tag phone numbers that you will like not be blocked

Third-Party App



Using Apple iPhone AppStore, I also installed Hiya.


The base features of Hiya is free.

Extra bells and whistles are paid and so please be careful to ensure that you do not get charged inattentively.



Dedicating this post to Lance Whitney.

It is his work that serves as the basis for this post.



In follow-up posts, based on continued experience with robocalls and robotexts we will revisit this issue.




Happy with T-Mobile Scam Shield and uninstalled Metro PCS Scam Shield and Hiya apps.


Referenced Work

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  2. T-Mobile
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      • T-Mobile Scam Shield App
  3. Federal Trade Commission ( FTC )
    • National Do not call registry
      • Verify your registration

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