1. Trouble – Special To Me [Thug Luv]
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      • New album from Trouble “Thug Luv” featuring City Girls, Boosie, 2 Chainz, Quavo & more available now on DatPiff!
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        Channel:- DatPiff
        Date Published:- 2020-April-23rd
        Date Added:- 2022-June-12th



Thug Luv

  1. Trouble – Origins (Documentary: Thug Luv)
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        Channel:- Trouble Trouble
        Date Published:- 2020-April-27th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-12th

Trouble – Edgewood

  1. Trouble – Edgewood
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        Channel:- Trouble Trouble
        Date Published:- 2018-October-29th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-12th




  1. Trouble – Coming Up In Edgewood and Gang Affiliation (After Hours)
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      • Join in for our conversation with Trouble. We talk about Edgewood, Hood Eats, Gang culture, Mom finding out about street affiliation, and more!
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        Channel:- HeadCrack
        Date Published:- 2018-June-15th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-12th


Video Transcripts


Trouble – Origins (Documentary: Thug Luv)

  1. When you see the dirtiest clean himself up and get up, how are you going to doubt yourself
  2. Dill
    • We come from the streets
    • That is why in his music, you hear so much of it
  3. Trouble
    • I got popped
    • If it was not for my glasses, I will be gone
    • The bullets hit my glasses and ricochet off
    • It is this music that saved me
    • So if you are going through the same situation, you might be able to relate
  4. Relate
    • I am always going to be in the bottle
    • Fuck with somebody going through the situation
    • That is what I am about
    • I am always going to place myself back into those shoes
  5. Love
    • People be needing some love
    • Cause that is how I was when I was a juvenile
    • My Dad wasn’t there
    • My Dad was a in-and-out Negro
    • I have no memories about him
    • I can’t tell you one
    • Outside of drinking beer and liquor
  6. Responsibility
    • You either show a negro the way for real
  7. Niece
    • My uncle trouble is a rapper
    • He stay honest
    • And, he make is word become true
  8. Going Back
    • Never seen someone make it
    • I know it is possible
    • Just seeing him
  9. DM
    • Thousand DMS with people giving me their whole life story
    • I don’t even know this people
    • So I know it is important
    • I can’t be one of the Negroes that just go out there and try to get a piece of the bag that fast
    • Hell No, this shit is important
  10. Real Fans
    • Have people
      • Have people who have been shot
      • Have people locked up
      • People who cannot pay their rent
    • He speak on all these situations cause he has been there
    • I don’t even listen to nobody else
    • Cause one thing about homeboy, he is telling the truth
  11. Music
    • I make my music for the streets
    • I make my music for people struggling and trying to find their way up

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