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          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
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Adult Experience Worker


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      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Star, a prostitute in South Central Los Angeles.
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        Published On:- 2022-June-8th
        Added On:- 2022-June-8th

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Adult Experience Worker


Bloom Noon

I have a daughter 21 and I couldn’t imagine my child doing this , I’ve tried my best to raise her not to ever feel she needs to sell her soul to get things. And so far thankfully my daughter has turned out pretty good . It is so important to maintain a close relationship with our children and protect them from the devils out here in this cruel world 🌎. I pray she finds help and get out of that life .


Maggie Respass

thank you so much for these videos…idk what to say besides they bring so much full circle for me…

they’re like therapy for someone in the nightlife industry ♥️

never stop your craft🙏🏾

G. Renee Gilmore

She’s been walking the street since the age of 16.
This breaks my heart.
The school system should be structured to work with families to preserve students with purpose & potential.
She seems to be level headed.
At 20 years old she has time to heal & recover.
I pray someone finds her and help her to get out.

Jasmine Quash

I believe she’s holding back from who or what truly hurt her or made her change her mind.
She truly needs someone to trust so that she would open up. I enjoyed this interview!
Looking forward to seeing an update in a year or two!


Despite her situation, she appears to be highly intelligent and spiritual. Hope she stays safe.


You did it again Mark. I really like the non-judgmental attitude you have, and how it brings out the human in these people for honest interviews, so you get to see the person and not strictly the image they project.

Darien Long’s GRSE! Metro Mall


I watched this entire interview before I made a comment. She looks too good to be working the street, but she is also hard. She has learned how to protect herself; for lack of a better phrase, she’s hardened herself. She is casually indifferent, she is jaded, she seems to be smart enough, but needs an education. She is what she needs to be to be on the street, but she doesn’t need to be on the street. She is what she needs to be to be in this industry. I question whether or not she needs to be in this industry. I question whether or not her boyfriend is her boyfriend or if he is her boyfriend-pimp. She’s not going to get out of it as fast as she thinks she is and even though time is a constant, it has a strange way of sneaking up on you even when you’re looking directly at it. I don’t advocate anybody doing this, but I don’t hold it against you either. However, if you are going to do this, young lady, you have to level up. You have to be smarter. You need to get out of the street. You need to appear and present yourself as softer than you actually are. You can catch yourself slipping all the time, and street life isn’t where it’s at. Just because you circle the drain slower and you look youthful for longer because you don’t partake in certain activities doesn’t mean they don’t take a toll. There’s always a price to pay for your activities, and that price is always high. If you are going to pay that high price, and you will, make sure you own your own residence. You want to own your own residence because you want to drive down the coast of living. Make sure you own your car—no payments, no hassles. Something dead but reliable and practical. The same goes for your residence. Don’t be gullible with your money. Find some investments so that your money works for you and you don’t have to work for your money as much. Passive income is a powerful thing. If you have somebody in your ear and they’re not telling you these types of things, and then you’re not showing you these types of things, then they don’t need to be in your ear and they don’t need to be around you. You do need to dismiss them. They need to work for you. You do not need to work for them. There should be no flash, no jewelry, no high dollar cars, no expensive clothes that are a part of the uniform to help you make money. Everything you do now should be an investment in your business and a way to get out of this business. Game time is over, honey.

Rochelle T

As a Stockton native I can attest to it being rough here, however, I can also tell you that it is/can be what you make of it. Although the stats are high, much of the violent crimes that happen are drug &/or gang related, followed by victims that are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Most, if not all, are born into that sort of lifestyle, &/or were affiliated from an early age. Those that were not, aren’t typically interested in it. There are exceptions. You meet enough people, & you start to realize so clearly that no 2 people are raised the same, while some are left to raise themselves. A lot of people don’t have the right connections, no network. Others don’t have the resources, let alone an opportunity. Stockton is not only a melting pot, it offers example after example of what Im talking about. If youre born into drugs/gangs/crime, it is not impossible to break away, leave & not look back. Its what a lot of people here do after graduation.

Star, if you happen to get this message I want you to know that I believe in You. Use that tenacity & heart of yours to be an advocate for animals. Imagine the magnitude of fulfillment you would feel, you’re heart would be bursting at the seams. At the moment, because of Covid, so many *more animals have become orphans. Pets that had people, a family. They so need someone just like You. Should you decide to come out to Stockton, there *is a college you can go to for the Vet Tech program. Time is on your side, but it only moves in one direction & the older you get, the faster it goes by.
Go where the Love is


Norma-Jean Garza

I understand why prostitution exists but I do not understand how a woman goes through with copulating with an unknown man for money and the damage it must do to their minds and souls. The few one-night stands I went through while drunk and partying sent me into suicide mode for months on end. I send my best to these prostitutes who give money-making their all out of wanting or need.


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