WinMerge:- Compare files across computers


I need to compare files across a couple of computers.



Primary Issue

I ended up being bothered enough with an issue and started reviewing the code.

To remediate the issue I needed to make code changes.

After a few hours of slugging along, the changes were well tested.


Secondary Issue

This week I started noticing lost of functionality.

The host that I am using has some missing some functionalities ( that I had added a while back ).

Unfortunately, the host that I made the early changes on did not not have the latest code.

Let us go remediate.



Let us use WinMerge to compare the codebases.


WinMerge is availed at ( Link )




Compare Directories


  1. Launch WinMerge
  2. Compare Folders
    • Access Menu Item – File \Open
    • Indicate Folders
      • 1st File/Folder
        • In our case folder
      • 2nd File or Folder
        • In our case folder
    • Options
      • Sub Folders
        • Include Subfolders
          • In our case, knowing the application and changes made, we are good with skipping subfolders
  3. Compared Folders
    • View
      • Initially all outcomes are showm
        • Matched files
        • Unmatched files
      • Once you have a good grasp of how the tool works, let us tune things up a bit
        • Access the View Option
          • To access the View Option please use the menu item View
          • Show Identical Items ( Unchecked )
            • This declutters our workspace
    • Results
      • Results – Options (   )
        • Whitespaces
        • Ignore blank lines
        • Ignore case
        • Ignore carriage return differences ( Windows / Unix / Mac )
        • Ignore comments
        • Ignore sub-folders


Image – Folders – Initiate

Image – Folders – Compared
Image – Before


Image – After


Image – Folders – Options – View


Image – Folders – Compared – Results – Options



You never really want to have source code differences.

When you do, please see if WinMerge can help.

As always the earlier you detect the changes and make ammends the better of you will be.


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