Encouraging Words:- 2022 – June


We are about half way in 2022.

Let us encourage each other a bit.


  1. Answered Prayers
  2. Enemy Ways and Power
  3. Tighten Things Up
  4. Know God
  5. Worship God
  6. Testimonial


Answered Prayers

God has been very insistent that prayers will be answered this season.

For me the season started about two weeks ago.

And, it is still ongoing.


Enemy Ways and Powers

To those living well, living righteously, you will feel the enemies way and wrath this season.

Please expect the following:-


  1. The enemy is insistent
  2. The enemy is cunning
  3. The enemy is sly


Tighten Things Up

Please tighten things up a bit.


  1. Tighten up your friend circle
  2. Tighten up how your walk


Know God

Beloved, please know God.

Beloved, please know God, know who God is, and who God is not.

Know him for yourself.

Don’t know him through someone else.

Directly know him through developing your relationship with him.


Worship God

Prepare for God’s habitation of your space.

Invite him into your space.

Turn up and Tune up your awareness of him.



Learn to speak to God.

Learn to speak of God.

Learn to be creative in words, songs, and story telling.



Beloved, I promise you that God’s purpose is to bless this season.

Do not throw God’s purpose away.

Safeguard your blessing.

But, most importantly safeguard self.

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