William Seymour, Holiness Preacher


Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr

  1. The Azusa Street Project (2006) | Full Movie | Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr
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      • Video #1
        Channel:- Vision Video
        Date Added:- 2020-May-14th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-2nd


Pastor Gene Bailey

  1. Azusa Street Revival Revisited and Eyewitness testimony
    • Pastor
      • Join Pastor Gene Bailey as he revisits the Azusa Street Revival and shares the eyewitness accounts. Airs 02-19
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        Date Added:- 2017-May-18th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-2nd

Dr. Robert Liardon

  1. God’s Generals Series – William J. Seymour
    • Videos
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        Channel:- Robert Liardon
        Date Added:- 2020-March-27th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-2nd
    • Participants
      • Charles Palmer
      • William J. Seymour
    • Location
      • Topeka, Kansas
      • Houston, Texas
      • Los Angeles, California
    • Medical Diagnosis
      • William J. Seymour
        • Small Pox
        • Blind
    • Laws
      • Jim Crow

Robert Pears

  1. William J Seymour The Secrets of His Power
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      • Video #1
        Channel:- Robert Pears
        Date Added:- 2020-June-4th
        Date Added:- 2022-June-2nd


Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr

The Azusa Street Project (2006) | Full Movie | Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr

  1. Participants
    • Preachers
      • William J. Seymour
      • Bishop Charles E. Blake ( COGIC )
      • Billy Wilson ( Azusa Street Centennial – Executive Officer )
      • Marilyn Hickey ( Marilyn Hickey Ministries )
      • Dr. Vinson Synan ( Regent University School of Divinity )
      • Dr. Noel Jones ( City of Refuge Church – Pastor )
      • Dr. Cecil M. Robeck Jr ( Fuller Theological Seminar – Church History and Ecumenism )
      • Dr. Larry Martin ( Author of Life & Ministry of W Seymour )
      • Joyce Meyer
    • Congregants
      • Jennie Moore
  2. Location
    • Centerville, Louisiana
    • Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Los Angeles, California
    • Cincinnati, Ohio
  3. Timeline
    • Sanctification
      • William Seymour experienced sanctification in Indianapolis, Indiana
      • City of Anderson, Indiana
    • Discipleship
      • Charles Pete Jones
        • Church of God in Christ
        • Jackson, Mississippi
      • Lucy Farrell ( Holiness Preacher )
        • Holiness Preacher
        • Houston, Texas
      • Charles F. Pharr
        • Houston, Texas
        • Topeka Outpouring of 1901
        • Full Gospel Preacher
    • Pentecostal Movement Humbling Beginnings
      • Dr. Vinson Synan ( Regent University School of Divinity )
        • Doctrine
          • 1901
            • Charles Fox Parham
            • Topeka, Kansas
        • World Wide Movement
          • William Seymour
  4. Teachings
    • Salvation
    • Sanctification
    • Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  5. Salvation
    • Definition
      • When someone receives Jesus Christ into their heart
  6.  Sanctification
    • Definition
      • The old is being cleared out for the new
    • Relevancy
      • Dr. Noel Jones ( City of Refuge Church – Pastor )
        • Sanctification is key as it is the process of bringing sanctification that people take notice
        • It is when you start trying to live your life a certain way that you start to see that your energy is not sufficient


Robert Pears

William J Seymour The Secrets of His Power

The Secret is the Holy Spirit- but what did William Seymour do in order to allow the Holy Spirit to work so powerfully through him?

At Azusa, blacks, whites, Hispanics, and nationalities worshipped together, crossing formerly impossible cultural lines.

God raised up William Seymour because of his wondrous heart. He was a black man in a time of severe racial prejudice and violence.

Seymour had every right to be bitter but instead, he was filled with love seeing the true enemy.

God used him powerfully to help launch Pentecostalism into the world God is no respecter of person and what He did through Seymour He can do through you.

It is all about the heart warmest blessings




  1. Wikipedia
    • Azusa Street Revival

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