GitHub:- Adding Collaborators


This past weekend I was looking at someone’s code, but as per normal, it was way over my head.

I thus googled on some keywords, and thankfully found other sample scripts.

  1. The sample codes were a bit more verbose and I was able to follow them a bit more.

Clean up The Code

Was able to clean up the code.

By clean up, I mean I reformatted the code a bit.



There are some areas that will make the code easier to read through.

  1. Some of the lines were a bit long
  2. PowerShell is very verbose and easy to read, yet I think that line level comments, could still be useful to speed up quick read through


Give Back

It is time to see if the original coder, will appreciate feedback.

But No.

User Means of Corresponding

  1. Blog
    • Blog Post
      • No Comments allowed on the post
  2. YouTube
    • Channel
      • You Tube’s Channel About Space
        • No Email


Blog – Post – Comment

YouTube – Channel – About



Thankfully, Bro, has a GitHub account.

He has a similar repository on GitHub for the same sample code.

But, the GitHub version is a bit more advanced than the one he shared on the blog.


Share Code


So here is what I did:-

  1. Repository
    • Created a private repository
  2. File
    • Created a place holder file on the repository
    • Pasted the revised file unto the newly created file
    • Saved the file
  3. Sent a contributor request


Repository – Settings – General



Access – Who Has Access

Access – Select a collaborator


Access – Adding Collaborator


Access – Collaborating Invitation Sent


Journey of a software engineer.

Look to understand something.

Took to the .Net and Googled on it.

Found a code base that is easy to read.

Worked it a bit.

Some of the changes were actually merited.

Let us go back and tell him about it.

But, here I am completely ghosted.



Always in dedication to the great ones.

Troy Hunt


The ghost who codes: how anonymity is killing your programming career


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