Immortal Technique:- Dignity & Thievery


  1. Immortal Technique: Poor People Steal But The Rich Do Way Worse
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        Channel:- djvlad
        Published On:- 2015-June-15th
        Added On:- 2022-May-31st


Meek Mill’s comments on not returning to the hood once you reach a certain level of fame sparked quite the conversation throughout the hip-hop world, with several artists and commentators either siding or wholeheartedly disagreeing with him. In this clip, Immortal Technique doesn’t necessarily give his opinion on it, but rather sheds light on why people who live in the hood participate in crime. “The reality is that poverty makes people do reckless things, but rich people do way worse to protect the money that they have and to take advantage of things,” he says. The social activist also reminisced on some of the more dangerous hoods he’s been to in the past. “For me, I’ve been in a lot of different hoods…I’m from New York so there’s Bloods everywhere. It reminds me and it makes me think about when I went home to Latin America and people recognized me for the first time. And yeah, I did notice a couple of people look at me sideways like ‘is he really here in the middle of the hood?'” Watch this exclusive clip to find out more about Immortal Technique’s experiences in the hood, and hear him shout out slain rapper Chinx. “G-d rest his soul, man. That’s a horrible thing to happen to anybody,” he states, offering his condolences to Chinx’s loved ones.

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