Justin Iwuji:- “Please God Help me …”

Who Is Justin Iwuji?

Justin Iwuji attended Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.

Justin was a student athlete.

He played College Football and his position was on the defense side of the ball; specifically Safety.

Justin is the son of Sebastian and Enderline Iwuji of Dallas, Texas.

Justin’s older brother, Bryan, also played football at TS.

And, his eldest brother, Jesse, graduated and played at Navy.



Justin Iwuji

Joshua N. DeLoach



News Organization

ABC 13 Houston

  1. Suspect missed 2 months of rent before alleged kidnapping, victim says
    • Profile
      • In an interview with ABC13, the victim explained how he escaped from the trunk of his own car, with his hands still tied, and flagged down a good Samaritan for help.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- ABC 13 Houston
        Date Published:- 2022-May-16th
        Date Added:- 2022-May-17th

Fox 26 Houston

  1. Man accused of robbing, kidnapping former roommate
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Fox 26 Houston
        Date Published:- 2022-May-16th
        Date Added:- 2022-May-17th


  1. Man accused of robbing, kidnapping former roommate
    • Profile
      • Houston police are searching for a suspect who’s charged with kidnapping and robbing his roommate in the EaDo neighborhood earlier this month.
      • Joshua N. DeLoach, 29, is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and aggravated kidnapping.
      • “The whole time I was just asking, ‘God please get me out of this situation,'” victim Justin Iwuji told KHOU 11.
    •  Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- KHOU 11
        Date Published:- 2022-May-16th
        Date Added:- 2022-May-17th

Law Enforcement

Houston Police

  1. Surveillance Footage in Robbery/Kidnapping at | Houston Police
    • Profile
      • Houston police have released surveillance video of a suspect charged and wanted in a robbery and kidnapping incident at about 9 p.m. on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8, 2022.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Houston Police
        Date Published:- 2022-May-16th
        Date Added:- 2022-May-17th


Fox 26 Houston

Roommate accused of robbing, kidnapping Houston man at gunpoint


By Matthew Seedorff
Published May 16, 2022 10:09PM

FOX 26 Reporter Matthew Seedorff spoke with the victim who said he feared for his life after his former roommate robbed and kidnapped him.

The incident took place on Mother’s Day evening. According to Justin Iwuji, the suspect is a man who had been renting a room at his home for more than a year.

“I never expected anything like this to ever happen to me,” said Iwuji. “Especially [with] someone I know, in the comfort of my own home.”

On Monday, Houston police shared a picture of Justin’s roommate, 29-year-old Joshua Deloach. Police say he’s wanted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and aggravated kidnapping.

“Me and him had no animosity,” said Iwuji. “We never fought. We never argued. He had been living with me over a year.”

Iwuji says the two had been friends for a few years. However, Deloach recently had missed some rent payments. According to Iwuji, Deloach was going to move-out on May 8, the day of the incident.

Surveillance video from inside the home shows a man pointing a gun at Iwuji. The homeowner can be heard asking the gunman what’s wrong.

“He grabs my cell phone sitting on the island, and he walks around and unplugs the Ring camera,” said Iwuji. “He then told me to go to the living room [and] get on my knees. He tossed a bandana over to me and told me to put it over my eyes.”

According to Iwuji, Deloach took several items from his home. Iwuji says his roommate stole jewelry, a firearm, and forced him to transfer $6,000 to Deloach through a phone account.

Eventually, Iwuji says his roommate had him tied-up to a chair in a shower. Iwuji says he feared for his life.

“He says something along the lines of, any last words? Or, what do you have to say for yourself,” recalled Iwuji. “He also had a pillow in his hand, as if he’s going to shoot through the pillow to silence the gun. At some point he asked me, do you want to do this here, or do you want to gamble? I said gamble.”

“Deloach then forced Iwuji into the rear cargo area of his own vehicle and bound his hands and feet,” said a spokesperson from HPD in a written statement. “Deloach eventually parked the vehicle several miles from the location and instructed him not to move. After several minutes, Iwuji managed to exit the vehicle and flagged down a witness for assistance.”

Iwuji says Deloach stopped several times while driving for an extended period of time. The car was located in Cypress, more than 30 miles from his home near downtown Houston.

I managed to just push myself out of the vehicle,” said Iwuji. “I see another road where vehicles are coming my way. I run out into the middle of the road and flag down the first car I see.

Deloach hasn’t been seen since May 8. If you know where is he is, you’re urged to contact police.

“I would just want him to turn himself in,” said Iwuji.


ABC 13

Wanted suspect missed 2 months of rent before alleged kidnapping and robbery, victim says


Then, Iwuji said he was forced into a shower, where the gunman allegedly acted like he was going to shoot him. Instead, he reportedly tied Iwuji up, blindfolded him, put him in the trunk of his own car and took off.

Iwuji told ABC13 he had no idea where they were going, but somehow managed to wiggle out of the duct tape when the suspect parked the car and got out.

The suspect drove all the way from Houston’s East End up to FM-1960, about 25 miles, before Iwuji set himself free.

“I then push myself out of the car with my feet. I fall onto the ground. I manage to pry myself up with the tire of the car. I somehow manage to get the duct tape off of my ankles. Then I just get up and and I take off — arms, wrists, hands still tied together,” Iwuji recalled. “I run across some main roads, across a strip shopping area, across the street. There’s another lady in her vehicle. She’s pulling off. I’m waving at her. She slows down, but she’s looking very scared, confused. Honestly, I don’t blame her for not stopping.”

Iwuji said he ran to a nearby road and was able to flag down a truck, whose driver gave him a ride to meet police.

“He stopped and I said, ‘Hey, I don’t need to get in your car. I’ll get in the bed of your truck. But call 911; my roommate is trying to kill me,'” Iwuji said. “So he said, ‘OK, get in the bed of the truck.’ So I got in the bed of his truck. I laid flat, and he drove several miles and stopped, and the police were able to meet us.”




Based on reporting by Houston, Texas TV Stations, Joshua N. DeLoach has been arrested.

He was arrested on Thursday, May 19th, 2022.




Joshua N. DeLoach


  1. Click2Houston
    • CHILLING VIDEO: Suspect arrested after robbing, kidnapping roommate who asked him to move out, HPD says
  2. KSAT
    • Houston man arrested for kidnapping, assaulting and robbing roommate at gunpoint, police say


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