Jeffrey Snover:- Employment Versus Courage


In brief, most people are not worth listening to.

For the sake of heaven, Jeffrey Snover is one of those on the rare other side.




Courage is a key characteristic of future leaders and previous employees.


  1. M3 Sweatt ( @m3sweatt )
    • Consequences ( Link
      • Courage is not always rewarded in business: it can have its own consequences, particularly when it calls out the status quo and you don’t have air cover and strong foundational support
  2. J Mark Dodds FRSA 🇺🇦 ( @JMarkDodds )
    • Bankrupted, Evicted, Homeless ( Link )
      • Courage has got me nowhere but bankrupted, evicted, homeless and determined to help overturn the status quo.
      • England’s #EtonDisordered version of #FossilFuelShill disaster capitalism rewards people who don’t speak out.
      • That’s how we got #JohnsonVariant
      • I’m still courageous though



  1. Digital Transformation: Thriving Through the Transition – Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- IT Revolution
        Date Published:- 2018-July-3rd
        Date Added:- 2022-May-10th


Video Transcripts

Digital Transformation: Thriving Through the Transition – Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft

  1. Excellent at no longer mattered
  2. Corporate Experience
    • Computer Associates
      • Charles Wang ( CEO )
      • Insane
        • Did not want to work for him
    • Tivoli
    • Microsoft
  3. Marc Andreessen
    • Why Software is eating the world
  4. Laws
    • Gordon Moore’s Law
    • Geoffrey Moore
      • Ian Monroe
        • Core Versus Context Activities ( Link )
          • In Moore’s model, core activities are those which increase the sustainable competitive advantage of a company and create value for customers in a way that is hard for competitors to replicate, thereby increasing the market power of the company. Context activities are everything else. It’s not that they aren’t important … companies need to account for their business, acquire and manage real estate, pay people, etc. These activities might be really important, but they don’t differentiate the company in any way.

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