GitLab:- Snippet Sharing


In this post, we will cover how to embed GitLab’s code snippets on a web page.



Snippet – Sharing – Embedding Code


Here are some of the options for sharing GitLab code snippets.

  1. HTML Script Block


HTML Script Block

  1. Get Embed Code
  2. Use Embed Code
  3. Render HTML Page
Step – Get Embed Code

Please access the snippet.  Capture the embed script.

In your HTML page, paste the embed code.


Step – Paste Embed Code

In your HTML page, paste the embed code.

Using the HTML Script tag, please reference the javascript file using the src attribute.



Step – Render HTML Page

Using a web browser, please view the code.

Image – Get Embed Code

Image – Paste Embed Code

Image – Review



Unfortunately, WordPress does not directly support GitLab.

One needs plugins.

And, to use plugins in WordPress, one at least needs the Pro Version of WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

  1. PlugIns
    • Luis A. Ochoa
      • Links



  1. GitLab
    • Docs



As with all things in life, there is a lot of give and take in IT.

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