GitLab:- Snippet Managing


In this post, we will cover how to manage snippets in GitLab.





Here are the steps for creating a snippet in GitLab.

  1. Initiate
    • From the top menu bar, access the Snippets option
  2. Snippets
    • Your Snippets
    • Explore Snippets
  3. New Snippet – Adding
    • Title
    • Description
    • Files
      • Individual Files
        • Filename
        • Code Snippet
    • Visibility level
      • Private
      • Public


Step – Initiate

To manage snippets, please use the menu.

To access the option, please click Menu/Snippets.

Step – Snippets

Two panels are available.

The availed panels are:-

  1. Your Snippets
  2. Explore Snippets

Step – New Snippet – Initiating

Depending on whether the account has existing snippets or not, the screen displayed is a bit different.

If there are existing snippets, the existing snippets are listed.

If there are no existing snippets, an image serves as a placeholder.

Step – New Snippet – Add Snippet

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Files
    • File
      • Filename
        • Please make sure to include the file’s extension
  4. Visibility
    • Private
    • Public




Menu – Snippets


Snippets Review

Your Snippets, Explore Snippets
Empty Snippets


Existing Snippets

New Snippet

Title & Description

Visibility Label


Sample Snippets

  1. Daniel Adeniji



Product Comparison

In an earlier post spoke a bit about some of the lapses in creating and managing snippets within GitHub Gist’s ( code snippets ) toolset.

BTW that post is here:-

GitHub – Gist – Feedback
Date Published:- 2022-April-11th

Arguably, GitLab is a bit easier from a tooling ( User Interface and Comestic ) standpoint.



  1. GitLab

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