Financial Institutions & Fraudsters:- On the Phone


With the not-so-recent downturn in the economy, one has to be aware these days.


Financial Institution

Courtesy of one of my financial institutions, here are some things to consider.

Us Calling You

We may call you

Your Bank/Credit Union may call you to…

  1. Confirm specific card transactions
    • Especially if it was made out of town
    • Or outside of your usual usage pattern

We will not call you

Your Bank/Credit Union will not call you to…

  1. Your card ( Bank ATM or Credit Card )
    • PIN Number
    • Your Card’s CVV ( The 3 digits at the back of your card )
  2. Account Number
    • Your account’s full number ( MICR )
  3. Online
    • Your online banking password
  4. Personal information
    • When did you open your account

Who Initiated the Call

Unfortunately, technology has made it possible for fraudsters to do the following:-

  1. Spoof Caller ID
    • That is manufacture the phone number that the phone call is coming from


Don’t be pressured

These jokers will pressure you.

  1. They will pressure you to act
  2. They will pressure you to give your personal information

These hawkers will:-

  1. Threaten to close your account
  2. Threaten to cancel your ATM/Credit Card

If you feel pressured, please call your bank or go to the bank itself.




  1. Beloved, please grow your discernment eyes and ears
  2. Study up on ways to protect yourself
  3. Practice these ways
  4. Create and foster relationships with
    • Your financial institutions and their workers and management
    • IT Security professionals
  5. Trust Law Enforcement & The Court System


Just Say No

These fraudsters will do everything to gain a foothold into your account and steal your identity, information, and money.

Remember, Nancy Reagan, “Just say No“.

These guys pretty much own your phone.

They can and will call it all day.

Beloved, please don’t yield any more ground.

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