Emily Bruner:- Income Sharing Agreement


Emily Bruner agreed to a $30,000 income-sharing agreement with a for-profit coding boot camp.



Emily Bruner signed an ISA with Lambda School on June 29, 2019, while she was living in New Mexico.


She took out $30,000 for Lambda’s six- and 12-month computer science programs.

Ms. Bruner started school in September 2019 and finished in August 2020.

In general, the agreement with Lambda is that upon the student making more than $50,000 on a yearly basis, the student will start paying Lambda 17% of their salary.

The payment’s duration will be 24 months ( 2 years ).



She moved from New Mexico back to North Carolina to live with her parents.

The reason behind the relocation is to have her parents be a bit closer to their grandchild and help take care of the child.

Post Graduation Blues

After graduating, Ms. Bruner could not find a job as a web developer or a software engineer.

The employers that interviewed her confided, “you do not have the technical skills for the job; as your education has yet to fully prepare you to be a web developer.”

Ms. Bruner ended up going back to work as a program manager; her previous job prior to attending Lambda.


Civil Case


Emily Bruner is now suing Bloom Institute of Technology, formerly known as Lambda School, and it’s head Austen Allred.

Her complaint against Bloom Institute of Technology is:-

  1. Falsification and Misrepresent of job placement rates
  2. School operated without a license during her course of study
  3. Hid the “true nature” of the school’s financial interest in students’ success
    • Specifically that Lambda was only compensated upon the student finding a job and earning income




Included in her press release:-

  1. Feeling mislead at each and every turn
    • Bloom’s job placement rates
    • Job Preparation
    • Job operating with a license
  2. Emotional Tool
    • Taking time away from her young son and other career opportunities to participate in the program
  3. Financial Recompense
    • Refund of Tuition
    • Monetary Damages
  4. More Representative
    • Emily wishes other similarly affected students would join her complaints



  1. National Student Legal Defense Network
  2. Black & Buffone PLLC
  3. Cotchett, and Pitre & McCarthy LLPs


Labor Market

Tight Labor Market

In response to a relatively high level of unfilled jobs in the IT industry, many employers are forgoing requirements for college degrees, and seriously considering students without degrees in engineering and computer science.

In lieu of degrees in STEM, employers are considering work experiences, IT certifications, and training.


Advocacy Group

Student advocacy groups are starting to weigh in.

Here is what some of them have to say:-

  1. Student Borrower Protection Center
    • Warns students of the potential harms of income-share agreements.
    • The group contends that, rather than being a solution to the student debt crisis, these agreements can pose serious harm to borrowers.
  2. National Student Legal Defense Network
    • Alex Elson, Student Defense Vice President
      • It’s illegal and immoral for schools to lure students into costly income share agreements by promoting false job placement rates, but that’s one of the many illegal things that Lambda School did
      • We’re proud to fight on behalf of students to hold Lambda and its executives accountable for the serious damage they have done.


Income-share agreements ( ISA )


Income Sharing Agreements offer an opportunity for the borrower to receive an education loan and upon his/her graduation and getting a job, pay back the loan through a set percentage of his/her income through the agreed duration.

Government Categorization

Federal Government

The federal government recently officially categorized ISA as private education loans.

State Governments

Each state in the union will recognize and categorize ISA based on the state education department; pending state legislation and court rulings in that state.


Higher Learning

It appears that traditional higher learning institutions are dipping their feet into this new practice, as well.


Purdue University

As for the BoilerMakers, here is its stand:-

  1. Its offering is not
    • A Loan
    • A Credit
  2. It is
    • Contingent Debt
      • Since a student doesn’t have to pay the ISA until they find a job.


Sample ISA contract

San Diego Workforce Partnership Inc.



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    • Yahoo News
      • Aarthi Swaminathan
        • Single mom sues coding boot camp over job placement rates
  3. WorkForce.Org

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