GitHub – Gist – Feedback


GitHub’s Gist is a nice and fun way to quickly share code snippets.



Though, fun it has certain stubborn limitations.



  1. Cannot change a snippet viewership from public to private
  2. Cannot name a gist



Yes, one can promote a gist viewership from private to public.

But, it is one traffic.

One can not revert back to private.




Gists are automatically assigned the name of the first file created.

If other files are added to the same gist, the gist will take the name of the first file ordered alphabetically.



Referenced Work

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I’m going to talk about it today

Michael Huse ( mhuse )

Back in 2014-May-20th, here is an animated GIF that Michale Huse ( mhuse ) used to illustrate his ask. ( Link )

Examples in the wild:

Optimally, I’d prefer something like this (editable repo description):


… Or this (editable issue titles):




For a very good open-source, collaborative tool to maintain such a sturdy ask list is informative as to where we really are in terms of openness and collaboration.

These are well-intentioned people who have done the following:-

  1. Found an area that can be bettered
  2. Narrowly defined that area
  3. Written up the issue
  4. Tactfully, offered remediation path

Yet, the issue stays dormant for years.

Affecting each and everyone, with no feedback as to why the issue is not even being reviewed.

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