Gary Vaynerchuk, On Fear


Crediting my LinkedIn Family.

This time, My Bro. Herschell.

Good, Straight Forward, Straight Shooter if ever there was one.




A great leader eliminates fear, a terrible leader weaponizes fear


  1. Larry Cabrera
    • Lead with fear, people are quick to leave or take you down.
    • Lead with love, people will fight to ensure you succeed. Here’s why…
    • When you lead with fear,
      • Those who stay never reach their full potential.
      • Many will leave.
      • The brave few will wait for the opportunity to take you down when the opportunity arises.
      • All scenarios lead to your days being numbered.
    • When you lead by love,
      • Allowing people to make mistakes, allows your employees to reach their full potential.
      • Lower turnover means employees want to grow with you.
      • Just as a child who is loved will do whatever it takes to protect you during a crisis, an employee who is loved will do whatever it takes to see you succeed during a crisis!
      • In the end, all roads lead to your success.
    • Now you have a choice.
    • Lead by fear or lead by love.
    • Know the difference. Choose wisely!
    • Thoughts? 👇
  2. Deepti Pathak 🏆
    • In today’s technologically volatile market, the old practice of using ‘fear’ as a motivator to get your people to work will not work anymore.
    • Because as times have changed so has the employee mindset.
    • People today loathe fear as a motivator!
    • Because not only is it short-lived but creates negativity and an unhealthy work environment.
    • Employees today are no longer afraid to change employers because of these reasons as they are learning and opening to the concept of love, care, and kindness at the workplace.
    • They no longer associate leaders to be some sort of patriarch but as one amongst them, for them and for the organisation.
    • Leaders need to acknowledge and accept the power of kindness as a tool to harmonize their business operations and spread camaraderie amongst their employees leading to healthy completion at the workplace.
    • Good leaders know this, Great ones practice it!

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